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CoolCV emulator for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and Raspberry

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I have no clue what I am doing wrong because I, in 100% all honesty, have remapped the keys and they don't stick.


As an example, I remapped the backspace key to the ADAM keyboard backspace and all it will do is reset the emulator.

And trust me when I say, not blowing smoke, I love this emulator and it's simplicity.

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Posted (edited)

OK, trying a new approach.
change the reset key to a different value.
It may be that I am trying to map what is already defined and when I look through the entire list in the coolcv map IS defined as reset 08 and backspace 08 by default but reset comes first so ???

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6 minutes ago, J.R. Voigtschild said:

OK so i got the CoolCV downloaded. I am trying to put it on my Rasberry PI 3 B+. where in the world do i put the files, and what files go where. I am so lost on this one :P


Hi, there is a section in the manual (coolcv.txt) that explains what to do with Raspberry, it depends on your operating system. (easier with Retropie, harder with Raspbian)

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