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CoolCV emulator for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and Raspberry

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I'm having trouble getting the Raspberry Pi version to work.   This is version 0.6.9 on Raspbian 10.    I get the same error no matter what I try, but the same steps work on the PC Linux version.



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On 2/3/2021 at 3:43 PM, Ikrananka said:

Sorry for the long delay - been busy.  So I finally dug out my Roller Controller and Ultimate PC Interface (v3), and have confirmed what you need to do to get it working.


1. Reset Controller Order (only if A=2 and B=1) 


One of the nasty quirks of Windows is that it can easily mess up the ordering of the Ultimate PC (UPC) controllers, swapping them around so that one day you may find that A maps to controller 1, while another time it will map to controller 2.  This changing of controller order can generally be avoided by plugging the UPC into the same USB port every time.  If however the controller order is wrong (A=2 : B=1) then you can reset them back to normal (A=1 : B=2) by doing the following:

  • Connect your UPC to you computer.
  • In Windows Device Manager expand the Human Interface Devices section.
  • Right-click on one of the two "HID-compliant game controller" entries and select "Uninstall device".  Repeat this for the other one.
  • Right-click on any other entry and select "Scan for hardware changes"

This should now have added back both "HID-compliant game controller" entries but this time they'll be in the correct order.


2.  Setup Roller Controller

  • Ensure that you Roller Controller is NOT plugged into its power source.
  • Connect BOTH standard controllers into the Roller Controller and set the "Joystick-Roller" switch to Roller.
  • Plug the Roller Controller 9-pin connectors into the UPC, making sure that connector 1 plugs into 'A' on the UPC and that connector 2 plugs into 'B' on the UPC.
  • Ensure that you ColecoVision power supply is connected to the Roller Controller and then turn it on.

3.  UPC Auto Sense


Now we'll use the UPC auto sense feature to detect each of the controllers, one at a time.

  • On the standard controller that is plugged into the Roller Controller 1 port, press and HOLD the 0 key on the keypad.
  • Briefly press the black autosense on the UPC while still holding down the 0 key on the controller's keypad.
  • When the UPC red LED starts to flash again (normally within a fraction of a second), release the 0 key.
  • Repeat the above three steps but this time holding down the 0 key on the standard controller plugged into the Roller Controller 2 port.

You should now see that moving the Roller Controller trackball around also moves the mouse pointer in Windows.  If not, or if it only moves along one axis, then repeat the UPC Auto Sense steps above.


4.  Set CoolCV to Roller Controller Mode


Now, start CoolCV, drag in a rom file of a game to play and then press the F5 key to enable Roller Controller mode.  The trackball, keypads and red fire buttons should all now work.

Those adapters are damn expensive on eBay. $230. Is there a cheaper source for them?

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Just now, Ikrananka said:

Yes, directly from the designer: http://www.intellivision.us/intvgames/interface/interface.php - US$69

Thanks. eBay is such a hoot. Is the version 2 from 2012 or version 3 from 2018 better. Just wondering if less is more in terms of all the slightly different equipment crammed into the 2018 version and the effectiveness of the Autosense. 

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I've got both.  I bought the version 3 because of the added support for Atari 2600 paddles.  They operate more or less in the same way including the autosense.  I can recommend both of them depending on your needs.

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22 hours ago, OriginalJohn said:

A few years back, F18A support was being discussed as a future feature of CoolCV.   I was curious if this ever happened?

I don't have had the time to look at it.


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