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Added chessboard benchmark visualization.



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1 hour ago, zbyti said:

Old Good Sieve: 1899 10x (less is better) on emulator

mad pascal : 607 frames
cc65       : 614 frames
vbcc       : 636 frames


-O3 does not seem to work too well with this test. -O gives better results.


Also, when compiling with vbcc, did you notice this warning?

>  stop_ticks ==- start_ticks;
warning 153 in line 41 of "sieve.c": statement has no effect

Replacing it with stop_ticks -= start_ticks; and using those options

cl65 -t atari -Oisr -Cl sieve.c -o sieve-cc65.xex
vc +atari -O -speed sieve.c -c99 -o sieve-vbcc.xex

I get:

mad pascal : 607
cc65       : 601
vbcc       : 589


sieve-vbcc.xex sieve-cc65.xex sieve.c

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Posted (edited)



It's ashamed to admit it, but I missed this warning, I changed it at the end and confused it with the printf warning. I've been programming too much in Action! on A8 last days where it is correct :D 


I need to study the compiler flags closely ;) - perfect result, congratulations! 

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last days

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