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Hey all. I am creating a large program in IntyBASIC, and after it compiles and I feed it to as1600 like this:

as1600 -o  "mybas" -l "mybas.lst" -j "mybas.smap" -s "mybas.sym" "mybas.asm"

I get the text below. However, I don't know what to fix, there is no other feedback on-screen.


               -  WARNINGS       0


What logs should I check, etc to understand where the problem might be?




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If you open up the listing file (mybas.lst in this example), there will be an error message next to the line that caused the problem, with a more precise error message. Just look for "ERROR" in all caps in the .lst file.


IntyBASIC interlists your BASIC source with the assembly it generates, so you should be able to scroll up from there and see which line of your BASIC program is nearest the error detected by AS1600. All of the assembly source is included in the .lst file, so everything is in one spot.

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