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Metal Jesus

Atari 2600 Covers We Love - w/John SWLOVINIST

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Take a rare look at our favorite vintage Atari 2600 boxes and cover art with The Immortal John Hancock & Metal Jesus Rocks.

Demon Attack
Tanks but no Tanks
Pitfall! (signed by David Crane)
Mega Force
Missile Command
Radar Lock
Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle
Space Invaders
Dark Chambers
I realize on this particular forum, the boxes may not be unusual...but for most casual collectors...they rarely see some of these boxes. What did you guys think of the video?

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Great video!  It isn't memorable to me from childhood, but I think the Basic Programming box does a nice job of sparking your imagination.  I also really like the Adventure box.

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Very cool video! Those were all fantastic examples of the wonderful artwork found on so many Atari 2600 games. A few of my favorites that weren't covered in the video are: 






This is one of those games where the box art immediately lays out the entire premise of the game with one glance, and it looks awesome. There's some knights setting out on a quest from a yellow castle towards a maze full of treasures and keys, which is guarded by a dragon. That's pretty much Adventure in a nutshell, and it's a great game for anyone who is into high fantasy. 







I've loved the artwork on Berzerk ever since I was a little kid in the late 80's, and it always spurred my imagination to form a bigger and detailed view of the world inside in the game then just what the pixels on the screen showed. Also, any game that includes a comic book based on the game is automatically cool (or "rad" if you rather, since this was the 80's). 



Secret Quest




The box art on this one always boggled my mind, but in the best kind of way. At first glance it looks like there's a guy running around on a spaceship (which is about to self destruct), completely naked save for a pair of black spandex underwear, a helmet, body paint, and a nipple piercing; and he's fighting this Tyrannosaurus rex/rhinoceros hybrid thing with a lightsaber. Upon closer inspection you realize he is actually wearing a suit and that's a badge of some kind on his chest (not a nipple piercing), but it's still great art either way. I also like how the box shows that this was the only game made specially for the Atari 2600 that Atari founder Nolan Bushnell had involvement in the creation of. On top of all that it's a fantastically fun game, and the only Atari 2600 game I can think of that actually has a password system to save and load your game. It's an arcade style rendition of The Legend of Zelda in space, with lightsabers and dinosaurs to boot, and that is just half a dozen different kinds of awesome. :D

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Great video!

I love seeing Nolan on the cover of Secret Quest :)

Crypts of Chaos, Pitfall!, BASIC, and Alien are among some of my favorite covers Edited by FOX2600

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Thanks! This video really was a labor of love for John and I. You cannot beat those classic 2600 covers!!

Absolutely! CLASSICS!

Keep up the great work Metal Jesus! :)

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