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Hmm can't find the games for these...oh well into the trash.







Sweet mother of all that is holy! Those are right at the top of my Inty want and willing to overpay list. Just sayin. 😎

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Sorry -cruel joke I don't really have those Star Wars boxes I did bid on them the only time I ever saw them on eBay but they went for stupid money. I was able to grab the pics for reference though.

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Yeah I was trying to remember. I paid big money for Congo and stadium during that era and I remember thinking "they are just empty boxes". No way I'm going to bid more. Surely the winning bidder is on this board.

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How much was "stupid money"?


I'm even more of a "Revenge of the Jedi" freak than I am a video game freak. Those are almost the holy grail for me.

I wanna say they went for at least $1100 each but my memory is fuzzy.

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Final list and update, so I don't keep bumping this thread. Thank you all for making this fun and I hope all the buyers are happy with their scores. It's been a pleasure being a part of the community.

Here's an updated list of my remaining stock. I'm flexible on pricing so if you need second "OK" boxed copies to use as "playable" versions check it out. Generally 12 bucks gets you delivered via flat rate medium box. It's easy and protects the games. I don't pocket any profit on shipping.

If you see a game you previously made an offer on, it may have been reserved on a first come first serve basis and then the deal fell through. So please forgive me if I didn't follow up correctly.


1 intellivision Black screen (non working , great for controller parts) make offer
1 Int Computer Module, Module is yellowed, box is fair, instructions fair, keyboard good, make offer
Intellivoice boxed no instructions box 2/10 $5

Repro Boxes series 1 Unfolded and mint, 1.ws majorleague bb 2. spiker 3. MTE201 test 4. Body Slam 5. thin ice 6. congo 7 learning fun II $80 obo


Thunder Castle – PCB is loose from worn case $40


Tutankham - CIB very nice $150 OBO


Space Patrol - missing instructions 140.00 OBO


Fathom - Box, game and manual - Box is 6/10 $160 OBO


Mueller's Donkey Kong - Brown box from Intelligentvision - MIB ...80


Burgertime MIB original and looks like original shrink wrap - 10


Lost Caves of Kroz HB MIB 60

Tower of Doom, Manual, cart, box. box is 4/10 $80


Truckin' $25.00


Pac Man CIB 45

Pac Man Missing instructions rough box 15

Centipede CIB 15

Centipede Missing Instructions rough box 5


Action Network package most CIB 5 ea

Sea Battle

Tripple Action

Sharp Shot

Space Armada

Sub Hunt


Armor Battle
Armor Battle X2 MIB Shrinkwrapped


Math Fun and Word Fun CIB Package $10




Beauty and the Beast

Demon Attack X 2

Ice Trek


Nova Blast

Safecracker X 2


Slam Dunk CIB 35 Box is a 2/10

ADD Treasure CIB 20

HeMan X 2 10 ea

Loco motion cib 5

pinball 10

hoover force CIB (no overlays originally) 25

Vectron CIB Fold out box 5

Shark Shark gatefold CIB nice 50

Tron DD gatefold missing one overlay -5

Mousetrap sealed 15

Coleco DK original unopened! no shrink minor crush on one edge 15

Koolaide man CIB 10

bump n jump - cib 20

Mission x non gate 10 CIB

burger time sealed w/shrink 15

Stampede CIB nice 10

Dreadnaught factor sealed w/shrink original 50

happy trails cib nice 25

pitfall cib nice 10

Beamrider CIB nice with activision software guide - never saw this before, very cool fold out illustrated story guide for all their software. 30.00

qbert inst. cart. rough box 5

Star wars ESB cart and box only 5

Frogger no overlays no box insert 5

Chip Shot CIB 20

Motocross inst box and cart, no overlays 5

blackjack CIB 5

Space Spartans X2 CIB 10ea

b17 bomber missing one overlay 5

Bomb Squad X 2 CIB 10/5


Sports Lot 14 games 5 ea

Boxing x 2


Auto Racing X 2

NHL Hockey



ML Baseball

Tennis x 2



NFL FOotball

Edit fixed some of the prices (lower)

Edited by IntellivisionD

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Duane, your items have started to arrive. Thank you! :)


This guy....and the hoarding again.

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Is Alex the Italian collector? I think he has them.

Yes he has them, just can't remember if it was those ones he bought or if he had picked them up previous to those auctions.

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This guy....and the hoarding again.


I see you have conveniently ignored my question to you, above.

Edited by Eric7100

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How is it hoarding when I don't already have these items?

It appears you are hoarding multiple NEW items simultaneously. Your going bonker$!

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