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It's THAT time :( Selling my collection...(Wave 1)

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Pic below, prices below. Shipping included in U.S. for 1 game (actual cost to Canada) but additional fee may be added for more than one. I do make bulk offers if multiple games are wanted. All repros/homebrews are new casings and boxes & trays are new as well. List is up to date although I haven't taking pics for all titles yet. All homebrews,etc are $65, the regs are priced as listed. SECRET OF MANA 2 HAS BEEN SOLD ALREADY!
SPEND $300+more and receive a free loose R.O.B the robot


tales of phantasia c/b
eternal filena c/b
live a live c/b
hourai high c/b
holy umbrella c/b
mystic ark c/b
magic knight rayearth c/b
Violinist of Hamlin c/b
Renegade 2 (believe cart only) $45
Tecmo Secret of the Stars cib $70
Secret of Evermore CIB $100
Breath of Fire CIB $78



Mario is Missing cib $68
Nobunaga's Ambition SEALED $85
Might & Magic CIB $100

Phantasm Saturn CIB (8 disc) $95
SNES MINI CIB w/ Mario world pack in $150
GB Micro w/ 2 faceplates CIB $185 SOLD

LE Pokémon Dialga and Palkia DS Lite CIB $125
Classic series gameboy advance sp le CIB $150
Atomic purple GBC (pic below) $45
Virtual Boy CIB (no game) $150
U.S. version DC Maracas for Samba De Amiga CIB $100 SOLD

All 3ds games are factory sealed except Monster hunter, OOT, & Maiden ....Only vita games sealed are danganronpa 2 & P4. ALSO HAVE Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy psvita.png & Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven 3ds.png to add, just no pics, both vg+ unsealed.

AS A BONUS...If someone is so richly inclined and to be so bold as to buy both packages from me (as I'd ever be so gratefully appreciative..) I will throw in FOR FREE: A LE Pre order Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward Watch NIB (retails now around $85-100+)

Vita Wifi package, 9 games total (dagnaronpa 2 & P4 sealed) $310
Zelda 3ds XL Package, 9 games total (ALL GAMES SEALED except Monster hunter & OOT) $400
Take them both for $650
Prices are shipped in U.S.




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