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Atarius Maximus

Drag Race

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This is a hack of Activision's Dragster. I changed the colors and changed the dragsters to look like stock cars. The car graphic was also updated for when you're doing a "wheelie".

The colors appear differently on different emulators for some reason. I was using z26 when I was working on the hack, so the colors I intended are reflected in that emulator. The game appears almost entirely black in PCAE, and the car is black instead of the red/orange color when you run it in StellaX. Does anyone know which emulator most accurately reflects the colors on a real 2600?

Here's a Screenshot (from z26):




EDIT 1/16/2014: Can you believe I can still edit a post after 10+ years? :) My original screenshot link has been broken for over 7 years, and KevinMos3 re-did the graphics on my hack to make it look much better, so I'm adding a few brand new screenshots now. My original has the cars with an outline, Kevin's hack of my hack has solid colored cars and modified background colors.





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Cool. Heh, wonder if I could take a dragster cart apart and put one of those chips in it.

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