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HFDC as floppy-only controller

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I was having some problems with a Myarc FDC, and one of my options was to try and repair an HFDC to use in it's place.

After replacing the voltage regulators and the two 74LS245's, the HFDC came back to life. I then installed the hard drive bypass jumper and decided to remove the hard drive routines from the eprom so as to simplify things. After doing all those things, the card works amazingly well. I may not put the Myarc FDC back in that system. :)


Anyway, here's a dump of the Eprom, in case anyone else decides to follow a similar path. We may be able to repurpose HFDC cards that aren't being used because of the increasing unavailability of MFM hard drives.






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Cool, but I am hoping that it will one day be possible to have a emulated mfm hard drive using a CF card or something. Somewhere I have recently read about someone creating such a card for another system and I believe it will be possible to use it on the TI/Geneve too.

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