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First Spear

IntyBASIC Rough Song - Arpeggios Collide

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Sharing in case anyone finds the music bits useful.



Mode 0 , 0,0,0,0
Print At 0 Color   7 , "Arpeggios Collide"
Print At 80 Color  4 , "Press top side"
Print At 100 Color 4 , "button to"
Print At 120 Color 4 , "restart music."
Print At 160 Color 1 , "Press bottom side "
Print At 180 Color 1 , "button to exit."

Play Simple
    Play MyMusic
Goto PlayLoop

If Cont.B0 Then Wait : Play Off : Wait : Play MyMusic
        If Cont.B1 Then Goto ExitThis
If Cont.B2 Then Goto ExitThis
Goto PlayLoop

Print At 235 Color (Rand and 7) , "Bye."
        For spinWait = 0 to 5
        Play Off

Data 7
Music G3    , G4
Music C4    , C4
Music E4    , D3#
Music G4    , G2
Music G3    , G3
Music C4    , C3
Music E4    , D2#
Music G4    , G2
Music A3    , G4
Music C4    , A3#
Music F4    , D3#
Music A4    , G2
Music A3    , G3
Music C4    , A2#
Music F4    , D2#
Music A4    , G2
Music G3    , G4#
Music C4    , C4
Music E4    , F3
Music G4    , G2#
Music G3    , G3#
Music C4    , C3
Music E4    , F2
Music G4    , G2#
Music B3    , G4
Music D4    , B3
Music G4    , D3
Music B4    , G2
Music B3    , G3
Music D4    , B2
Music G4    , D2
Music B4    , G2
Music Repeat
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