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Nutsy Doodleheimer

Labor Day mini contest: Guess the mystery carts to win a $20 gift card!

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Swordquest Earthword. I found one with no label, I guess the cart were left outside and got wet and the label came off easily. Still worked though

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So far one of the two carts has been correctly identified. And starting today I will give a hint out to the second mystery cart. Here is the hint. This cart is an Atari text label game and made between 1977-1980. Not a picture label era game from 1981-1982, Silver label from 1982-1984, and Red label era from 1986-1991. It is a text label era game made before 1981. To those who have already guessed, you are more than welcome to submit another guess. And once I see in the posts that someone correctly identifies the second cart. I will announce the ending and post up the video to show the mystery games and announce the lucky winners!! Good luck guys!! :)

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Wow!!! I have stumped a lot of you. Just to let you know neither of the text labelled games mentioned are correct. :sad: We are getting down to the wire. I put down the remaining text labelled games that were not answered and one of these remaining titles is the other mystery game. You can guess again. I want to see a winner!!! :) Here are the remaining games.


3D Tic-Tac-Toe

Basic Math/Fun with Numbers


Brain Games

Canyon Bomber

Circus Atari


Dodge 'Em

Flag Capture


Human Cannonball

Indy 500

Maze Craze

Miniature Golf

Night Driver



Slot Machine

Slot Racers

Space War


Video Checkers

Video Chess

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