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FS: games for Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, Saturn, PSP, Wii/Wii U, Jaguar, etc.

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Hey guys, I have some more things for sale. PM me if interested. All items are in great condition and discs are scratch-free unless otherwise noted.


General stipulations -

- PayPal only (gifted/family/friends required if you are new/have little to no feedback here; normal payment is fine for anyone else).

- I am shipping within the United States only.

- Tight on cash now, so I can't guarantee any deals. Expect to pay actual shipping. I'll give you choice of First Class or Priority Mail where qualified. I generally prefer small flat-rate boxes where eligible.

- My AtariAge and NintendoAge feedback links:


Dreamcast (all CIB)


Sega Bass Fishing - $2

Giga Wing (Japanese import) - $18


House of the Dead 2 - $1 - Needs to be resurfaced professionally. Looks like someone used a consumer grade resurfacing machine on it, and it shows.



Atari Jaguar (all loose)


Raiden - $15



Sony PlayStation / PS1 (all CIB)


True Pinball (Japanese import) - $5



Sega Saturn (all CIB, all Japanese imports)


Virtual On - $5 (manual is in average condition)

Darius Gaiden - $18



Sony PlayStation 2 / PS2 (all CIB)


Final Fantasy X (Greatest Hits) - $3


Castlevania: Lament of Innocence *Limited Edition* big-box bundle (Japanese import) - $50 (not pictured)



XBOX 360 (all CIB)


The Outfit - $2

Kameo: Elements of Power - $2

Red Faction Guerrilla - $2

Gears of War - $2

Devil May Cry 4: Collector's Edition - $5 (tin case/slip cover/all three discs)

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection - $18

Otomedius Excellent - $5



Sony PlayStation Portable / PSP (all CIB)


Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade - $2

Patapon - $2

Every Extend Extra - $2

Wipeout Pure - $2



Nintendo Wii / Wii U (all CIB)


Bayonetta (disc-only, originally came bundled with Bayonetta 2) - $10


Ultimate Shooting Collection - $9

Rayman Origins - $7

MadWorld - $3

Resident Evil 4 - $7

Geometry Wars Galaxies - $4



PS3/Sega CD/Misc


SEGA CD - Sonic CD - Sega CDX pack-in version - Case and Disc - $9


Nintendo Game Boy Pocket system - Fully working. Screen has small scratches on it (can't really tell when a game is on/powered up). Back serial number label looks rough/worn. D-pad and buttons work very well. Sound fully working. Screen looks good. Batteries included. - $14

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Added some more Wii, Wii U, 360 and PSP games. Added photos of Sturmwind (sealed) on the Dreamcast.

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How much will you pay me to take Castlevania Judgement off of your hands?


Nothing, because it has sold. :P


And I've never played CV Judgement before...


It's actually a pretty fun game. As a fan of fighting games, I was pleasantly surprised with it. It's not terribly deep or anything but there's a lot of nods to the franchise there, and it actually plays well enough too. If it didn't have the CV name on it, surely the game would be a little more well-regarded.

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