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1st time in 2 decades ive seen a Colecovision in the wild and it's $30-Yes!

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Well, here's some good news- I found a Colecovision with two working Coleco controllers, a Champ Keypad (for not just Atari 2600 controllers, but also the 2 button 7800 controllers!), two non-working Coleco controllers, and a power supply. Of course there was no way to test it since it didn't come with a switch box or tv hookup cable, so I knew it was possible the whole thing was defective. But at $30 I really couldn't help but buy it :)


Once I got it home I plugged it in and it's working very well. I can hardly believe someone gave this to the thrift store.


Now at this particular thrift store through the past year I've found a Saturn for $30 (didn't buy it), an Atari Flashback 5 (grabbed it for $6), as well as a Genesis arcade stick made by Quickshot ($3) that I really like. Looks like I'll be shopping there quite a bit in the future since they price video game-related things nicely.


Also when I bought the Colecovision for $30, I bought 18 loose Coleco carts (which were almost all commons) for $4.99 each. Some will make nice trade/sell fodder- especially Miner 2049er... and I'll probably sell the Champ Keypad as well since I already own one of those. But there were three games that I didn't already own- Pitfall, Frogger, and Galaxian. Quite happy about it :)

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Great pickup on the system and glad to hear that the system is working. Seems the thrift store is a little lazy as it's not difficult to have an RF Cable and RF-to-Coaxial Adapter on hand for testing purposes and to show people if a system works or not. Seems like they sell orher retrogear, so more than likely they have the needed items on hand, but don't want to be bothered... their lose and your gain as a working CV usually sells for about $50.


Welcome aboard.

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