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A signed Atari Pong or 2600, yes, a signed baseball, not so much. I actually didn't even think to ask Nolan Bushnell for a signature when I interviewed him for our documentary. I got signatures in the first book I wrote, Vintage Games (since it's what the movie was born from), from just about everyone else we interviewed for the film, but those were done at a different time. I'm not a particular fan of signatures, but it still would have been nice to get one from someone so historically significant.

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I see no reason to pay a huge sum of a signature of someone who is alive. Plus his popularity is such a niche, you'd be hard pressed to find someone to pay that. Usually people alive who do signings you can pay between $10-50. There is no real value because they can sign and sign and sign. Unless they have a reputation of not giving autographs. I can't imagine the amount of Stan Lee autographs out there.



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