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Atari 8-Bit Collection For Sale

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I've decided to sell off my entire Atari 8-bit collection. Everything is good shape except where noted. If there are multiple types of boxes (as with some of the Atari games) I've noted which one they are. Tapes and disks are untested as I no longer have a tape or disk drive to test them with but I'm fairly confident that everything should work. If you need a more detailed description of anything just ask.


Prices are coming soon! At the moment I'm not looking for trades with the exception of a Apple Mac Mini (2014 or later), iMac, or a super nice Tandy CoCo 3 setup (memory expansion, disk drive, etc.).


I'm using the usual CIB abbreviations to show what everything comes with. If the item is cartridge/tape/disk only there will be no code after it.

C= Cartridge/Cassette
I= Instructions

Boxed Cartridges

3-D Tic-Tace-Toe (CIB)
Adventure Creator (CIB)
Airball (CIB)
Alien Ambush (CIB)
Alien Garden (CIB
Alpha Shield (CIB)
Archon (CIB)
Assembler Editor (CIB)
Asteroids (CIB
Astrochase (CIB)
Atarilab Light Module (CIB) - Box tab taped - Has all parts
Atarilab Starter Set with Temperature Module (CIB) - Has all parts
Atariwriter (CIB)
Atlantis (CIB)
Ballblazer (CIB)
Barnyard Blaster (CIB)
Basketball (CIB)
Battle Zone (CIB)
Blue Max (CIB)
Buck Roger (CB) - no manual
Centipede (CIB)
Cloud Burst (CIB)
Computer War (CB) - no manual
Crime Buster (CIB)
Crossbow (CIB)
Dark Chambers (CIB)
Defender (CIB)
Delta Drawing (CIB)
Demon Attack (CIB)
Desert Falcon - CIB
Diamond Mine (CIB)
Donkey Kong (CIB) - XE Version
Donkey Kong (CIB) - Large Silver Box
Donkey Kong Junior (CIB) - Large Silver Box
Eastern Front (CB) - Large Silver Box, Cart has brown/black label
Eastern Front (CIB) - XE Box, Cart has brown case with XE label
Educational System Master Cartridge (CB) - Was there ever a manual with this?
ET Phone Home (CIB) - Small Silver Box, Cart has silver label
Fight Night (CIB)
Final Legacy (CIB) - Small Silver Box, Cart has silver label
Food Fight (CIB)
Fraction Fever (CIB) - Includes mini poster
Frogger (CIB)
Hardball (CB) - No instructions. UPC torn off bottom of box
James Bond 007 (CB) - No manual
Journey to the Planets (CIB)
Joust (CIB) - Large Silver Box
Jumpman Junior (CIB) - Manual has tear
K-Razy Kritters (CIB)
K-Razy Shootout (CIB)
K-Star Patrol (CIB)
Kaboom (CB) - no manual
Kickback (CB) - no manual
Kids on Keys (CB) - no manual
Lode Runner (CIB) - Broderbund version
Mario Bros (CIB)
Math Encounter (CIB)
Midnight Magic (CB) - No manual. Box has ware
Millipede (CIB) - Large Silver Box
Missile command (CIB) - Box has wear on bottom
Monster Maze (CIB)
Mountain King (CIB)
Ms. Pac-Man (CIB) - Large Silver Box. Box has some crushing
Ms. Pac-Man (CIB) - Small Silver Box. Silver label with XE style case
Music Composer (CIB)
Necromancer (CIB)
One on One (CIB)
Orc Attack (CB) - No manual. Creative Sparks box
Pac-Man (CIB)
Pac-Man (CIB) - Small Silver Box. Cart has silver label.
Picnic Paranoia (CIB)
PILOT (CIB) - Oversized box, has some wear
Pitfall (CB) - No manual
Plattermania (CIB)
Pole Position (CIB) - Large Silver Box
Pole Position (CIB) - Small Silver Box. Cart has silver label and XE style case
Powerstar (CIB)
Q*Bert (CIB)
Qix (CIB) - Large Silver Box. Box has minor wear
Rescue on Fractalus (CIB)
River Raid (CB) - No manual
River Rescue (CB) - No manual
Robotron 2084 (CIB) - Large Silver Box with joystick holders
RS Football (CIB) - Large Silver Box
RS Tennis (CIB) - Small Silver Box. Cart has silver label.
Silicon Warrior (CIB)
Space Invaders (CIB) - Tab on bottom of box has rip
Space Journey (CIB)
Springer (CIB)
Star Raiders (CIB)
Star Raiders II (CIB)
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (CIB)
Story Machine (CIB)
Submarine Commander (CIB)
Summer Games CIB
Super Breakout (CIB)
Telelink I (CIB) - Small box. Manuals are larger than box.
Thunderfox CIB
Zaxxon (CIB) - Box hanger cut off
Zenji (CIB)


Loose Cartridges

Alf in thew Color Cave
Alphabet Zoo - Has manual
Ant Eater
Atari Basic Rev. C - Odd solid silver label
Atari Word Processor - Silver label with red letters
Atarigraphics - Has manual
Atarimax 8 Meg Flash Cartridge
Atarimax Maxflash USB Programmer
Attack at EP-CYG-4
Baseball (In Home Software)
BC's Quest For Tires
Big Bird's Funhouse
Big Bird's Special Delivery
Boulder Dash
Bounty Bob Strikes Back
Captain Beeble
Caverns of Mars
Centipede - Silver label
Choplifter (Broderbund)
Claim Jumper
Congo bongo
Crossfire - Brown label
Crystal Castles
Dance Fantasy - Has manual
Deluxe Invaders- Has manual
Des Chiffres Et Des Letters (Atari)
Dig Dug - Newer '5200' version
Dig Dug - Original version
Donkey Kong - Has white 'lab' label
Donkey Kong Junior - XE style case
E.T. Phone Home
Educational System Master Cartridge - Dorsett label
Ernie's Magic Shapes
Fantastic Voyage
Fast Eddie
Final Legacy - 1984 style label
Final Orbit
Flip Flop
Fortune Hunter
Frogger II - Threedeep
Fun with Art
Galaxian - Has manual
Gorf (CI) - no box
Halftime Battlin' Bands - Has manual
In-Store Demo Cartridge
Joust - Has manual. XE style case
Jumbo Jet Pilot - Has manual
Jungle Hunt - XE style case
K-Razy Antiks - Has manual
K-Razy Shootout - K*Byte Version. Has manual
Keystone Kapers
Linking Logic
Logic Levels
Major League Hockey
Math Mileage
Memory Manor
Miner 2049er - Blue label
Miner 2049er - Silver label. Has manual
Movie Musical Madness
Mr. Cool
Oils Well - Label has wear
Ozzy's Orchard
Peanut Butter Panic
Pitfall II - Has manual
Pitstop - Grip style case
Pitstop - Regular style case
Pool 400
Popeye - Has manual
Princess and Frog
Protector II
Rally Speedwwat
RealSportsTennis - Label has TENNIS in all caps
Serpentine (Broderbund)
Space Shuttle
Speedway Blaster
Spider City - Has manual
Spy Hunter
Squish Em
Star Raiders - Star Raider typo
Star Trek - Includes joystick overlay
Star Wars: The Arcade Game
Super Charger Cartridge (MPP) - Screw hole showing
Super Cobra
Super Zaxxon
Telelink II
Track & Field - Minor label wear. Includes controller
Tumoil - Has manual
Up For Grabs
Up n Down
Wizard of Wor
Worm War I
XE Demo Cartridge
Zone Ranger



APX - Advanced Music System
APX Outlaw/Howitzer (DI) - No box
Archon II: Adept - Disk warped
Atari Planetarium (DIB)
Atari Proofreader x2 - Two slightly different label styles
Atari Translator - Includes manual
Atari Word Processor (DIB)
Atari Word Processor Demonstration Kit (DIB)
Atariwriter 80 (DIB)
Atariwriter Plus (DIB) - Price sticker on front ($79.95!)
Basic XE Extension Disk
Bond Analysis (DIB)
Bruce Lee
Combat Leader
Crypts of Plumbous (DIB)
Disk Pack 1000 (Alpha Systems) - not sure if original or copy
DOS 2.5
DOS 2.5 - Text Crossed out label
DOS XE Master Diskette
Family Finances (DB) - No Manual
Galaxy (Avalon Hill)
Ghost Town
Golden Voyage
Hellfire Warrior (DIB)
Home Filing Manager (DB) - Missing Manual
Jumpman - Disk only
Lode Runner
Lode Runner (DIB)
Macro Assembler (DIB)
Mission Impossible
MPP Smart Terminal
Music Painter (DIB)
My First Alphabet (DIB) - Box crashed. Bottom flap has tear
Paint (DIB)
Pirate Adventure - Signed by Scott Adams
Realm of Impossibility
Shamus Case II
Stock Analysis (DIB)
Stock Charting (DIB)
SX Express (DIB)
The Bookkeeper (DIB)
The Factory
The Nightmare (DIB) - box is in mint condition
The Seven Cities of Gold
Timewise (DIB)
Voodoo Castle
Wargames (DIB)
Wishbringer (DIB) - missing stone
Zork I


Apple Panic (CB) - No manual
APX - Calculus Demon
APX - Eastern Front 1941
Atari Educational System: Basic Algebra (CIB)
Atari Educational System: Effective Writing (CIB)
Atari Educational System: Physics (CIB) - Box has water damage
Atari Educational System: Principles of Economics (CIB)
Atari Educational System: Spelling (CIB)
Atari Educational System: U.S. Government (CIB)
Atari Educational System: U.S. History (CIB)
Atari Educational System: World History (CIB)
Atari Speed Reading (CIB)
Aztec Challenge - Box only
Big Math Attack (CI) - No box
Blackjack (CIB)
Canyon Bomber (CIB)
Conversational French (CIB)
Conversational German (CIB)
Conversational Italian (CIB)
Conversational Spanish (CIB)
Crush, Crumble, and Chomp! (CIB)
Curse of Ra (CIB) - Box not in the best shape
Danger in Drindisti (CIB)
Darts (CIB)
Datestones of Ryn (CIB)
Energy Czar
European Countries & Capitals (CIB)
Graph It
Hangman (CIB)
Home Financial Management (CIB)
Invitation to Programming 2
Invitation to Programming 2 - Second tape only. Has later silver style label.
Invitation to Programming 3 (CIB)
Invitation to Programming I (CIB)
Invitation to Programming I - Box only. Name of program is on a sticker instead of printed on box (see picture0
Juggles House (CIB)
Juggles Rainbow (CIB) - box has major tear on back, missing bottom tab
Jumpman (CIB)
King Arthur's Heir (CIB) - Box is in mint condition. Cassette version previously thought not to have been released.
Kingdom (CIB)
Mailing List (CIB)
Mortgage & Loan Analysis
Nukewar (CIB)
PILOT Programs for Children
Pool (CIB)
Rescue at Rigel (CIB)
SCRAM (CI) - No box
Space Invaders (CIB)
States and Capitals (CIB)
Statistics I (CIB) - Box has some wear
Tanktics (CIB)
Temple of Aphsai (CIB)
The Keys of Acheron (CIB) - Box is in mint shape
Touch Typing (CIB)
Upper Reaches of Apshai (CIB) - Box not in the best shape
Zaxxon (CIB) - Datasoft version


Box/Manual Only

Archon - Box only. EA version
Eastern Front (B) - Box only. Medium sized silver box. Box has minor crushing
Forbidden Forest - Box only
Frogger (IB) - Sierra version. Missing cassette. Bottom box flap unglued.
Home Filing Manager - Box Only
Juice (IB) - Missing disk
Master Diskette II (IB) - Missing disk
MULE - Box only
Pac-Man (B) - Box only. Original 'humanoid pac-man' Style Box (top has tape)
Pharaoh's Curse - Box only
Pinball Construction Set - Box only
Race in Space (IB) - Missing cassette
Rainbow Walker - Box only
RS Football (B) - Box only. Small Silver Box with no top and scratches (bad shape)
Shadow World (IB) – Box and Manual only. Top box flap has some damage
Summer Games - Box only
Worms (box only)



Atari 800 16K Memory (CIB)
Atari 810 Box of 5 Diskettes (CIB)




Atari Boxed Games





































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Parker Brothers Games






Activision Games





CBS Games







Epyx Games









Roklan and Others






Sega, Imagic, and Dana Games





Sirius Games





Spinnaker Games





Synapse Games





Thorn EMI Games





Loose Cartridges




































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Aaaaaand everything is hold. Working on selling it all in bulk to one very special person. If that falls through I'll reopen the sale.

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If it does fall through put me down for a few of the epyx games, I need a few to round out my collection :)

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yes. if deal collapses

please put me down for :-


Atarimax 8 Meg Flash Cartridge
Atarimax Maxflash USB Programmer

RS Football (CIB) - Large Silver Box

Baseball (In Home Software)


Star Raiders - Star Raider typo

Galaxian - Has manual

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Hopefully it's to another collector and not a reseller.


If the deal falls through, please put me down for:


Atari Basic Rev. C
Crystal Castles

Donkey Kong - Has white 'lab' label
Flip and Flop
Summer Games (CIB)
Super Changer Cartridge
Super Zaxxon
Zone Ranger


Good luck with the sale.

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It's to a collector. I'll be quite happy if it goes through, as the new owner will really appreciate everything.


I'll know more in a few weeks, until then everyone needs to sit tight.

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I am interested in a number of games as well if the deal falls through, good luck and keep us posted:



Eastern Front

star raiders 1/2

battle zone

food fight


Desert Falcon


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I would also be interested in some of the games:


Educational System Master Cartridge

Telelink I

3D Tic-Tac-Toe

Mario Bros.

Assembler Editor


Stock Analysis

Stock Charting

Bond Analysis

Macro Assembler

Atari Writer 80

Music Painter

SX Express




Family Finances

The Home Filing Manager

All 8 Educational Titles

16 K Memory Module

5 Diskettes

An Invitation To Programming 3

Touch Typing

Mailing List

Statistics I

Juggles House

Juggles Rainbow



James Bond 007

Return Of The Jedi


Mountain King

K-Razy Kritters

K-Razy Shoot-Out

Adventure Creator

Fraction Fever

Shadow World

Picnic Paranoia




Edited by ccc---

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I'm not taking reservations on anything at the moment. I'll let everyone know if the deal falls through.

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Obviously one very special person :)


Actually I've had two other people express interest in buying the whole collection as well. I wasn't expecting to sell it all in one go, but I'll take it if the opportunity presents itself.

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I would be interested in this as a full buy out by chance.... I would have to work some terms out but this would really do alot for my upgrades and even some new carts i dont currently own. I would like to throw my name in the hat for trying to buy this out if it didnt go through since no updates have been made in a while.

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If I had the money this would be my one-way ticket into Atari 800 games. wow!

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Nice collection. Really enjoyed seeing the educational programs. Never seen that many of them together at once before.

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The collection sale is still on hold for the time being. I'm working something out with an interested buyer. If that falls through I'll let everyone know.

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I know I am late to the party but if I would be interested in everything in the first picture. The old black boxes...

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Everything is on hold at least until the end of January. I'll update everyone at that point. Everything may or may not be spoken for already.

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Just for the record, I'm interested in:


  • Music Cmposer
  • Pac-Man (left box)
  • TeleLink I (small box)
  • Super Breakout
  • AtariLab Light Module
  • My First Alphabet
  • Physics
  • Spelling
  • Statistics I
  • Juggle's House
  • Juggle's Rainbow
  • Atari Word Processor
  • The Atari Word Prcessor Demostration Data Kit
  • Hangman
  • Fundamentals OF BASIC Programming

Thank you

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