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Gameboy classic/color prices

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Hello all,


at the begining of my post, i just want to apologize if i posting this question in the wrong forum.


I met woman from my distant family. Very distant. That woman working for nintendo about 20 years in germany. I didnt know about it, until last week. I am nintendo fanboy from my childhood and when she learned that, she told me: i have something in my cellar. i will gave you this. I dont have passion for games and things like this. Just take it or i trash it right now. She is without childs. After that, she gave me box with gameboys. New gameboys, without scratches, never touched, nobody played on them. Just like from production line, but without original boxes. They were in bags. I already own some gameboys and i dont have use for some of new ones.


Is there anyone who can tell how much i can ask for gameboys like this?


inside box was:


Play it loud edition:

High Tech Transparent

Cool blue - http://imgur.com/a/Q53wR

3x Off white - all of them with original foil on display.


Gameboy color:




and Special Pikachu edition yellow & blue - logo, artwork & colored buttons. Again. all of them with foil on display.


Gameboy advance:


Black - boxed


What you think about it?


Thanks for your honest answers and opinions


ps:sry for bad english

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Always post pictures.


They sound neat. I'd pay handily for sealed Gameboy stuff, as would many. But this isn't an appraisal forum, it's a Marketplace.

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lucky. I am still missing that blue Gameboy from my first generation Play it Loud set. Rarest one because Nintendo somehow forgot to advertise they had blue so most people only knew of red, yellow, green, black, and clear.

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