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I only know about one RGB mod for the 2600: https://etim.net.au/2600rgb/


And, I guess we have the culprit.

That mod include the ability to mount an "extra" switch on the left joystick for additional functions (palette select and remote "reset" and "select" switches functionality). The extra button activates the inputs normally used for left and right direction of the joystick at the same time. This is an "impossible" combination for a joystick, but not for a trackball in real TB mode, which therefore randomly activates the extra features of your RGB mod (in particular, it activates the reset and select switches repeatedly making the game impossible to play).


You have to modify your console to disable the "extra" button functionality, either permanently or with a switch.

I'm not an expert, but by looking at the diagram, a simple switch to break the wire going to either pin 3 or 4 of the "extra" 7 pins connector on the RGB board might be all that you need.

Yes, when I saw the schematic for the reset/select from the left joustick port, I knew eventually this would cause problems with nonstandard controllers. Starplex, keyboard, Atarivox, trackballs, and other devices could potentially trigger it. The Select and Reset combos rely on hitting three inputs, ie LRU, ect. This prevents L+R (paddles) or U+D (driving) from mucking up the game but not other specialty controllers.

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