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SOLD: Tandy 1000EX computer with accessories and games

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That time to clean out the closet and make room for other games. I'm willing to part with some items separately but priority will be given to people that purchase multiple items.

The computer and external 3.5" disk drive must be purchase together, and will not separate them.


$300 + shipping for everything. Otherwise feel to make offers .


Tandy 1000EX computer - unboxed but in excellent condition
-7.16Mhz Intel 8088 CPU. Upgraded to NEC V20 CPU
-RAM expanded to maximum of 640K
-RS-232 25pin Serial Port for external modem, plotter/printer, or mouse
-Internal 5.25" disk drive
-Built-in speaker with volume pot and headphone jack
-Composite video and RGBI output
-XT-CF-Lite v4 with 32MB compact flash card. CF is treated just like a normal ide hard drive. Has MS-Dos v3.30 installed.

-External 3.5" disk drive
-(2) Tandy Deluxe Joysticks - both boxed and one with manual, and other without manual
-Tandy Serial mouse - unboxed. works requires a 9pin male to 25pin female adapter
-Original booklets and 5.25" diskettes that came with the 1000EX including MS-Dos v2.11, GW-Basic v2.02, and Personal DeskMate v1.01
-Copy of MS-Dos v3.30 on 3.5" diskette

-Zeliard: Comes complete in box with 3.5" and 5.25" diskettes, poster, and all paper documents
-Sierra Action Five: Comes complete in box with paper documents and 3.5" diskettes. Has 5 games: Zeliard, Oil's Well, Thexder, Fire Hawk, and Silpheed.

Everything is working. You will need a monitor with composite video input or vintage computer monitor with a RGBI input such as the Tandy CM-5 and Amiga 1080.


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I wish I had the room for something like this. Tandy 1000s are about the best computers you can get to play mid-late 80s PC games. This will be a lot of fun for somebody.

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