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Nintendo SUPER FAMICOM IMPORTS & Hidden Gems

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Here are some Super Famicom import games you can play without having to know Japanese! What are some other Super Famicom games you would recommend to non-Japanese speaking gamers like myself?

Games Shown:
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius
Gokujou Parodius
Parodius Da!
Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu
Ganbare Goemon 3
Zig Zag Cat
Psycho Dream
Mystery Circle
Bomberman 4
Shin Kidou Senshi Gundam W: Endless Duel
Spriggan Powered
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Rockman and Forte is a great game and has the same graphics engine as Mega Man 8. The difficulty is spiked up in this version, but all in all it's a great game. Forte (Bass) is the best to use cause he can fire in all directions and dashes instead of sliding. Also Wrecking Crew '98 is a fun game.

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For games that are good without language patches, super drift out is pretty great. Overhead with scaling/rotation, night racing, weather effects and a track builder--all in english. I have no idea why it never came here, but it's one of the very best overhead racers I've played on any platform.




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