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Colecovision F18a (VGA) install service

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I've seen posts looking to have F18A installs done, so I thought I would offer my services. If people are already doing this mod for others, then please keep using them. Treat this as your last choice. I will do a very good job for you, at the same time this is just a hobby for me.


Given all that, I'll be happy to install your F18A for $75 + return shipping + 4% to cover paypal.com fees.


You would need to ship your non modded console and F18A to me (CT). No need to send controllers, power brick, or RF cable.


Service includes:

1) Make sure your console is working before upgrading it :)

2) Open the case without removing the front sticker / front panel

3) Trim RF shield at back of console

4) Remove the stock VDP <-- I'm using Hakko 808, so VDP is undamaged. VDP will be returned with your console.

5) Solder 40 pin socket where the VDP was, (TE 840-AG11D-ESL-LF)

6) Replace C3 cap with 10uf electrolytic cap (fixes Frogger boot up issue, so you don't need to press 'Reset' to clear up the garbled graphics from power on)

7) Cut case for VGA port and 3.5mm (1/8in) audio jack <--audio from left side of C88 (facing front of console). (Switchcraft 35RAPC2BH3)
8} Install F18A you provided

9) Trim ribbon cable length, crimp on new IDC 16 female connector (Omron XG4M-1630)

10) Test console

11) Mail console back

** Please note F18A does not work with Atari Expansion module. **

** F18A works great with SGM. **

If other mods are needed (bios, pause, power led, power switch, etc.) I'm not really the person your looking for. I know how to do them, its just a time thing. Service only for USA.



You can see the first F18A I did on my own console back in 2012. I've done 3 more since then and it is really a great product.




Order F18A here:




You would then buy a VGA + audio cable, like:



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