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Portland Retro Gaming Expo Photos!

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That Tod Frye video is awesome. So much info from a two minute video, it's better than an hour long interview!


It really shows how porting some of these arcade games to a system basically designed to play Pong was an intellectual challenge, like a complex math problem. And like a math professor, he's both impressed and personally challenged by the fact someone figured out a more elegant solution. Of course, his work and so many other game designers back in the day laid the groundwork for what can be accomplished today. And, he did have the time constraints dictated by marketing forces and bosses who had millions of dollars on the line. Not exactly the best environment to make discoveries in new, optimal programming techniques that they didn't know existed.


In short... I loved the video! Thanks!

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Awesome pictures and video! It was really neat finally getting to take a good look at the labels and box art for all the new homebrew releases and see them being played, and that Tod Frye video was just kind of awe inspiring. :)

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