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USB Joystick Adapter (Sinchai)

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I'm using the "M" version (metal case) of the Sinchai adapter, usually under Linux, but it seems as if Windows 7 (64bit) also recognizes it here (without any driver). See the Device Manager window before and after plugging in.


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply, now I know what I am searching for in the device manager section.


I tried also on Windows 8 64 bit and it indicates that it cannot get the Device Descriptor (USB device not recognized)

I think it will work in 64-bit as well (the software on the chip is USB-Joy 4313 version 2015-03-09)


I am not sure if it is the soldering and some loose connections (will try to verify it again as I am not an expert in this, maybe the soldering is the issue)

or a faulty component or a faulty chip causing it (once in Windows 7, I saw “Joystick” at the device management coming up, but after the reboot it did not

come up anymore (only the USB Device not recognized error)

I think first the device manager need to be solved, and after that it should work with Classic99 or other programs ?

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I think it should be recognized automatically in the windows´ devicemanager, as HID or Joystick.

And it should run with windows onBoard standard-drivers..... I think this is one of it´s "gadgets"


Did you flash any firmware to the adapter´s chip? (I read about firmware here in the web, so you maybe need a first flash at least, I assume)

And there were some problems with Microsoft Sidewinders and this adapter (....as it was made for vintage sticks :) )

(but you are still not at this level, as your device itself is not "registered" in windows yet)


So maybe there really is a hardware-problem ? or missing a flash ?



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Thank you for your help.


Today I finally got it to work (my bad soldering skills), now all is working fine

(and can use The Arcade Suzo Joysticks when travelling and playing TI-99/4A games)






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