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Parker Bros Star Wars C64 Cartridge Wanted

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Hello There,


I just had a quick inquiry.. I apologize if this is in the wrong spot.

I am looking to see if anyone happens to have a copy of Parker Bros Version of Star Wars for the C64 (in cartridge as I think that was how it was only released by PB)


I see ebay has a few here and there, and such .. but they usually gut you (imo only) for just the cartridge. I am ok if its not complete or anything.

I just would like to have the cartridge to play on my C64/128 systems


Any assistance would be grateful as I have tried to search for even shops that may have old C64 software, etc. to no avail.



thank you everyone that reads this at least


Sincerely: Wade


P.S: I live in Canada so hopefully that isn't too much of a hassle

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