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Rick Dangerous

Could Road Rash (3DO) be ported to the Jaguar?

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FWiW, I also think the Reboot guys have said their piece and should consider moving on. Furthering nitpicking/arguing just makes them look like it's more about them being right than caring about attempts at pushing Jag hardware -- which is what VladR said above. We know your concerns; even if correct, nobody is getting hurt by trying something different.


There's no other benefit (beyond the glorious feeling of trolling) that I can think of, and I've wondered this myself ever since CJ pounced after the very first screenshots were posted.

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-It seems petty because you're demanding an unrealistic-and-unnecessary burden-of-proof when his test is clearly in a very, very early stage and likely even unoptimized. Believe the video as accurate, or don't believe it. Either way it's not hurting you at all. If you think VladR is braggadocios, or just a jerk, then put him on ignore.

I think it's reasonable that if you make a claim, you present your results accurately, otherwise it is misleading. He's been spouting his 60fps texture mapping claims in the interwebs backwaters for a year or more. Given what he's offered now, that's kind of...



-VladR had no idea what my PC specs were until I told you. He only sent me the files because I asked him straight-up in private if he was -- as CJ wrote -- "trolling" me.

Your PC specs make no difference at all - your machine can either run VJ at full speed or not. In your case, it appeared to struggle with the first video you posted. I was only interested in your PC specs as VJ itself seemed to struggle to report 60fps, which given my old gaming laptop that has run 8 instances of VJ at 60fps, it seemed like you might be running it on an only desktop calculator or something and therefore we'd have been presented with something even less useful than offered.


And FFS - seeing "60 fps" in the VJ window, DOES NOT mean the software is running in a frame, jesus.


This is why emulation is worthless when showing off your greatness:


VJ is not cycle accurate.


It's a really valuable and probably my favourite Jaguar tool available, but it is not something ratified by ANSI able to produce a 1:1 experience with the real thing.


It's like a Jaguar on whizz, coked up the the eyeballs holding a can of red bull in each hand. Yet sometimes, if you do devious stuff with the DSP, you can even make it run slower!


There's a reason why the special one prefers his stuff to be shown off in VJ as opposed to capturing actual hardware output.


But whatever, let people lap it up, imagine the great games you'll all be playing a few weeks from now, *thumps up*


-I don't have "fast blitter" turned on in VJ, even though the PoC runs even better and pretty solidly at 60FPS.



Here's your 60FPS, 720p video in the best way I could figure out how to do it.

Thanks for that. Here's some very basic info on emulation:




See specifically "cycle accurate" and imagine the implications of an emulator that offers you a Jaguar Atari themselves could never have dreamed of producing due to its raw power.


If you don't want to imagine/pleasantly discuss the potential of the Jaguar, then why are you here?

Because it's cool to hang out with stupid old ginger men who lurk the interwebs pretending to be teenage girls... well, I can't speak for everyone, but still.


than caring about attempts at pushing Jag hardware

Surely you mean pushing Jag emulation? Amirite?


tl;dr Keep drinking the Kool Aid kids. Fill yer boots. Drop a few sugar bombs in there. #BELIEVE

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Are we done now?


That's it, ignore all the pertinent information. Well done. Obviously the tl;dr was made for you.


As they say in Poland...



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Yeah he is. But how come that rule only applies to those who have to put up with CJ/Reboot? If it's vice versa the other party gets warned and banned from threads. Awesome.

This time we are all getting banned from the thread......yay!

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