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innovation x-drive, cant get it running

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hi, i'm hoping someone can help me with this.


i bought a NIB innovation x-drive which is a ps1 memory card reader / writer / copier that also works with pocketstation, i've set it all up on an old laptop (it uses the parallel port) running windows xp (sp3), copied the supplied (dos) software onto my hard drive, turned off EPP in the bios plugged it all in correctly using a pal megadrive 1 psu (which i know works) but when i run the software i just get presented with 2 empty blue boxes in the dos window and none of the keypresses required to use it work.


does anyone have any idea how i could get this working? (i want to be able to back up my saves from ps memory cards and to upload "doom" homebrew game onto my pocketstation).



i have tried win 98 compatibility mode.


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