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Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer - Convert from NTSC to PAL

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Hi Guys


This is my first post here so please be gentle with me. :twisted:


I'm from the UK and I've recently bought a couple of Heavy Sixer's from the States.


I have modded one of them with a composite video kit and it works great. However, I was wondering what else I would need to do to convert the system into a PAL unit? I've read about the TIA and how it differs so my questions are:


a) Could I replace the system board only with a PAL light sixer, keeping the switch board and all other original components? Would this work?


b) If I was to keep the system board and replace the TIA with a PAL unit, is there anything else I need to consider? The info on the internet I've found seems to be pretty vague. I read something about the crystal also needing replacing and maybe some other bits?


Thanks in advance



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a) Yes, but I've seen at least 2 different styles for the ribon cable and the connector between mainboard and switchboard, so if it doesn't match you'll have to desolder and replace either one or the other (or you could just use the switchboard from the PAL L6).

b) Replacing the TIA won't work. The boards are different and the TIA pinout too. The PAL unit needs a different quartz for the cpu clock and an additional oscillator circuit for the color which is not present on a NTSC board. You have to cut traces and rewire a lot of things to make it work. It's not worth the effort IMO.

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