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Scramble - 2600

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Hello everyone,
It's been a while, but I have returned to 2600 homebrew programming and would like to share my latest game - a port of Konami's Scramble.
For those of you who don't know, Scramble is a side scroller stage-based game, similar to another game I released a while back.  Here is the text from the Portland Gaming Expo placard where Scramble was first demo'ed:

How Far Can You Invade Our Scramble System?


Scramble is a classic arcade game in which the player must navigate their ship across a side-scrolling terrain through six unique stages. Each stage has its own challenges and obstacles, including ground targets, rockets, fuel tanks, flying saucers and meteors. The player must avoid or destroy these hazards while maintaining the ship's limited fuel supply. The objective is to reach the end stage and destroy the enemy's base while trying to get a high score.

To play Scramble, use the joystick to navigate your ship over the terrain while avoiding the enemy attacks. Press the fire button to launch missiles and drop bombs (gamepads use button B to fire missiles and button C to drop bombs). Points are scored for travelling a certain distance and destroying enemy installations. Additional fuel is gained by destroying the fuel tanks. A player starts with 3 ships; a bonus ship is awarded at 10,000 points and every 50,000 points. The game ends when all ships have been destroyed. Good luck!  
- one player, 3 skill levels (NOVICE, ARCADE, EXPERT)
- one button alternating missiles/bombs or two-button gamepads (Sega Genesis).  Gamepad must be plugged in prior to turning on the game since it is auto-detected.
- Stores up 10 hiscores during the game.  If you have a SaveKey or AtariVox, it will save your high scores so they will be available the next time you play.  To reset the high score table, press the button and move the joystick right on startup.
- Pause a game using the Color/BW switch or Pause button on a 7800.  Press the joystick button to resume the game or flip the Color/BW switch (Pause button on 7800)
- While a game is Paused, if the RIGHT DIFFICULTLY is in the A position, you can use the joystick to change the current stage or level (left/right for stage, up/down for level).  Score is reset to 0.  Unpause to start a new game from the stage/level selected (good for practice and testing)
- 8 increasing levels of difficultly 
I'd like to thank Nathan for doing all the graphics, Bob for graciously letting me use the sounds (and driver) from his 7800 version of Scramble, and Darrell for helping me get up to speed on the DPC+/ARM.  They have all spent many hours testing and giving great suggestions and without their help this game would not have been completed (or even started).  I'd also like to thank Al and TJ for their suggestions and game testing; also Al for demo'ing the game at the PRGE and this weekend at the Houston Arcade Expo.
Right now I would estimate that the game is 95% complete.  Any suggestions are welcomed.  

Have fun!


Here are the final NTSC and PAL60 ROMs that are included in the cart versions available from the Atari Age store:

NTSC: [attachment=521441:scramble_final_NTSC.bin]

PAL60: [attachment=521440:scramble_final_PAL60.bin]


Older versions:


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Here are some screen shots:



















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Awesome! Thanks for this... have it for the 7800 of course, but so glad to see one of my all time favorite arcade games for play on the 2600!


Just got through playing a bit and am beside myself in awe. Really excellent everything, including the all important gameplay!


It did seem like once or twice in the cavern stage with the UFO's, that my shots disappeared for a bit. Seems like there may be too many saucers floating around, or maybe too close in succession. Action just seemed a little more hectic during that stage than I'm used to and probably accounts for why your forward bullets were disable for a brief moment? 

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This has been terrific fun to work on. It's been a blast working with John and Bob again (it's like getting the band back together ;) ).


If you've ever played Super Cobra on the 2600, you're going to be floored by what John's done with Scramble. I can't wait to see what people think of it. :D

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This game is awesome. The look, feel and sounds are amazing! Just downloaded it to my Harmony and played a few games.


You must make a cart for this and take my/our $$. Instant seller!!!  :)



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Wow! You made my day.  I have been anxiously awaiting any news on this release ever since Albert mentioned that it was going to be demoed at PRGE. I even scoured the net at least once a day looking for screenshots or videos from PRGE showing the game in action. Finally, here it is and its great! Thanks to all involved in bringing Scramble to the 2600. Not just put it on a cart and take my cash!

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