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Hello all,


I work at a Disc Replay, I see games come in all the time, but these two games are causing me trouble.


I have:

Cleaned the pins with alcohol


I have not:

Tested with multi-meter

Re-soldered chips

Bought a donor cart for a possible switch?

Cleaned with contact cleaner


Knights of the Round and SMW + SMAS:







Do you see something that I don't on these carts? Should I put more time and effort into getting these to work?



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Which Disc Replay? The one in Flint seems to do all of their testing on cheap Retro console, which is not 100% compatible with all games. I don't have those 2 games to check but it is possible if you're using anything other than genuine SNES console, it won't work at all.


The picture doesn't show any issue like crack or bad solder joint. Cap looks fine and generally when cap go bad, they don't short out and prevent cart from working. You could snip out the cap and test just to be sure.


Also blown ROM chip can happen. Careless handling, static electricity, a lightning strike close by, or a freak rare planetary alignment can kill some game carts.

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The moderator can take this thread down if they please.

Thank you.

They don't take threads down, they stay for reference don't worry about it lol.

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