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I just finished listening to lucky episode 13!  I'll have to get you some feedback for the next one.  Don't like either the sound of wind or crickets where feedback should be!   LOL

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18 hours ago, Justin Payne said:

Thank you very much!
If you have headphones on, make sure to tell everyone you're listening to a podcast so that when you get to the bloopers, at the end of the show, they know why you're erupting in laughter. We made those bloopers and I still laughed at them.

Well, my job is full of a bunch of weirdos with inappropriate humor, so I just sorta fit right in.

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We at the Atari Xegs Cart by Cart Podcast love all our Atari 8 bits/consoles. So had to pick up the Quadtari Adapter for the good ole VCS. Fun multiplayer times ahead. Thank you Bite The Chili Productions. A very nice quality constructed Quadtari Adapter.









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