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The goal here is to start planning a 3rd run of the SGM. But let me make a few things clear first:


- 3rd run pre-order or whatever does NOT start until 2nd run is behind me

- Yes, I am taking care of the French SCART version. It will ship BEFORE or SIMULTANEOUSLY with the 3rd run, but not after


There is a high demand for the SGM, and I have done a beyond poor job distributing it so far. What we want to do this time is to get a 3rd run out of door before July 2016. One option is to offer it with no box, at a reduced price, something around $50, or both boxed (at a regular price) and unboxed versions.


In order to get a 3rd run we are going to need 200 pre-orders, with at least 100 pre-orders for the boxed version in order to get that option done.


Again, the idea here is not to start a 3rd run right now, so I am not accepting requests yet. We will announce when the 3rd run starts, and as I said, I need to put the 2nd run behind me first.

I just want to start a discussion to understand what people want.



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I would really like the full boxed version since I wasn't fast enough to get one before.

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Boxed or not boxed, I'd like to buy at least one nevertheless. But the thing is, I need one that is compatible with the French Scart/Peritel Colecovision. I can even buy a second one if it is needed to complete the batch but then I'd go with the unboxed one.

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