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Best Video Game Road Trip Story - "Driving Crazy" in Real Life

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So, for those who don't know, I wrote a novel (Driving Crazy) about two lifelong friends who drive across the United States to pick up a Crazy Climber arcade game. They have all sorts of funny, horrible, amazing things happen to them along their journey. People constantly ask me if it's a true story, and are generally disappointed when I tell them it's not. (Or in the case of the realtor who sold me my house, he refuses to believe it's a work of fiction. He keeps telling my wife, "I can't believe you married him after what he did! Have you read this story? Oh my!" He's an odd duck, what can I say?)


Occasionally, I'll get someone to tell me about their own road trip adventure, which got me to thinking...


Have you had any sort of adventure while traveling to pick up a video game? It can be an eBay purchase, Craigslist, someone you met here on AtariAge or another forum, even an ad in a newspaper.


My hope is to get enough stories to write an article for a gaming magazine. If nothing else, I think it could be amusing to hear what you've gone through to get your prized possession home.


I put this in contests because, as an incentive, to the story that I enjoy the most, I'll send you a free signed paperback copy of Driving Crazy! (Open to people around the world. I know shipping outside the US is insanely expensive these days, but for the best story, it's worth it!)


I'll let this contest run through December 31, and decide the winner in January.


(Just a little disclaimer - posting your stories here means you're giving me permission to use it in the article, or perhaps as fodder for Driving Crazy II. I can certainly leave names out, to protect the innocent or guilty alike. If you still want to post here but not have me use the story, just make mention of that in your post. If that's the case, I promise I won't use any part of it, but you also won't be eligible to win the prize.)


So, do you have a fun / horrible / interesting / amazing / unbelievable video game-based road trip story? Let's hear it!





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Well heck, we've gone a month, with no comments, posts, or stories. So, I'm guessing no one went through any adventures to add fun games to their collection. Looks like my fictional adventure is truly unique. Who knew?


If anyone reads this and still wants to "enter" (or just share their story) obviously, feel free. Seriously, the first entry would most likely win the free signed copy. Just sayin'.


Take care everyone, and have a wonderful New Year!



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Picking up video games has always been pretty mundane for me. I have had other adventures with friends though. A buddy of mine and I hitchhiked across Europe after delivering a painting.

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