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Yoomp! Cart

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Two versions one PAL and one NTSC but both are XEX files or could be put on Diskette or an AtariMax cart.. I have a series of good games that I like to play and have them all converted to AtariMax 8mb Cartridge.. I also have the NTSC version as a file in a MyIDE 2 cartridge to play. Very addictive game and I still can't get past Level #3, but I keep playing hoping the reflexes will improve enough to make it through more levels..

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there is an original Yoomp! cart. made by its authors - the package contains the cart, tape and diskette all in one package, but it was sold out some years ago. You have to pay high prices for this original cart+tape+disk package.


The disk (as well as the XEX fileversion) does show an animated bouncing ball while loading. The cart version will detect PAL/NTSC automatically, but shows only a black/blank screen while initializing (and initializing takes approx. 10 seconds, making an impatient person think the cart. has crashed).


So, if you are not a cart. collector, get the XEX version(s) of Yoomp! on disk/ATR or flash the XEX-version(s) onto an Atarimax cart, Sic-cart, The!-Cart, etc.

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