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New version of ECKN+

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please find attached a new release of my game ECKN+.


Thanks to tests with the up-coming TK-II keyboard / mouse-interface, I noticed that the keyboard support in ECKN+ was kind of broken - while the old edition (without "+") worked. Since only the "+"-version is NTSC compatible, I decided to create a small update - even after seven years.


So here are the news:

- fixed keyboard controls

- added ESC-key support to remove corner mark if set (like right mouse button in CX77/CMI08 mode)

- added support for "WASD" keyboard input scheme, added "Shift" for selection too

- code clean-up, joystick input a bit more fluid now


This version substitutes the former. No need to preserve the old one.


Have fun!




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And this game will be fully supported by the TK-II mouse in the next firmware update (rev 1.4), which will be available in about 1 week. Preliminary tests look excellent, and not withstanding the CM108, it appears to be the best interface of all the supported input devices. I'll post a video in a day or two to demonstrate.


This style of board game is very well suited to the TK-II's character based mouse.


I would like to thank Christian for taking the time to revisit this game and make the modifications that allowed this to work.


- Michael

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As promised, video of TK-II mouse being used to play the newly re-released ECKN+ by Christian Kruger.





Enjoy (well at least have fun laughing at my pitiful game skills :-D ).


- Michael


EDIT: BTW, TK-II Mouse resolution was set to "1" for this game, which seemed to work best with my Logitech optical mouse. Was able to maneuver around quite well. It looks like board style games in general are a good match for the TK-II mouse, especially ones with larger tiles like what were used in this game.

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Thanks for updating ECKN+, Nice work :thumbsup:


Some feedback:

The tutorial is painfully slow and, the biggest problem, it should tell the player straight away that you need to select opposite corners of a block of tiles with the same colour!



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