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NARC Developer's Night at Galloping Ghost Arcade, Brookfield IL

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Dauber and I Went to the Galloping Ghost arcade in Brookfield, IL tonight for the NARC Developer Night. The developers of the game NARC were on hand to christen a NARC cab which had a new board installed that has a previously unseen level. Galloping Ghost arcade is the only place in the world that has this game with the unreleased level.

I spoke to Eugene Jarvis, George Petro, Larry Demar, Todd Allen and Warren Davis. I got my copies of 7800 Robotron and my reproduction of the Atari 8 bit blaster both signed by Eugene Jarvis, and Larry Demar also signed my copy of Robotron. He was going to sign my Blaster repro, but upon seeing it wanted me to open it so he could see the inside to see if he was the one who burned the eproms inside. We couldn't get it open, and he forgot to sign it. Oops. I also have signed photos of Eugene and Larry Demar.

Also attending for short periods of time were Brian Colin, programmer of Rampage and Xenophobe, and Jeff Lee, programmer of Q*Bert. Apparently Jeff Lee lives not far from the arcade, and he pops in three times a week.I got both of their autographs.

I also got a photo of the man who was the guy Mr. Big from NARC was based on. I can't remember his name off the top of my head. Dauber took the photo, and I'm sure he'll post it when he gets home later.

All in all this was a great time. All of these guys are still in the Chciago area, and it was awesome to meet people that so heavily influenced my youth. They were all very personable, especially Eugene. He treated everyone like they were his best buds. I've never met a nicer bunch of folks.

Without further ado, here's the pix I took tonight...


Doc Mack, owner of Galloping Ghost, and good friend of the Pie Factory Podcast interviewing George Petro about the new NARC level





This photo I snapped of Eugene playing defender was taken just as he lost his last life.





From left to right...

Eugene Jarvis, Larry Demar, Me, (sorry, forgot his name), Geroge Petro.





Robotron, signed by Eugene and Larry





Blaster, signed by Eugene. Larry thought the word Blaster on the little label was his own writing. He forgot to sign it after trying to open it.



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