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2600 Flickering Problem, Need Help.

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It's the RF modulator (the circuitry responisble for translating Atari video output into TV-antenna-grade signal) going out of expected frequency.

I've had the very same thing with my C64 after messing around with the trimpots on the RF box, and some simple tuning back with a screwdriver did the trick.


Which model do you have? How familiar are you with electronics?

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Well, shame on me... I assumed there would be a clearly visible screw-hole for adjusting the trimpots in the modulator itself, like in my C64. Turns out I can't see any opening ont he pics of Vader's RF box.

If you're cool with opening the unit, you could try to locate it somewhere on the modulator (if it's there...), or gently try with the big orange one below the cartridge slot.

It sure isn't the far-left one on the motherboard, as that's the one for color/hue.


Either way, if everything else fails and noone can help you out, you can still try one of the A/V or S-video output mods around, so you'd never have to worry about tuning the TV in again. Plus the picture & sound quality is slightly better on A/V (not really noticable with properly shielded cables), and far superior on S-video. Hell, they've even made a mod for RGB output. :D

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Inside the little hole is an adjustment. it uses an allen key to do it. Other things that might cause that are a dirty or worn channel 2-3 switch.


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