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New release: Sommarhack invitro (wiggle)

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Here's an xmas morning Jaguar release, featuring some French realtime 3D fun!


It's a quick invitation to Sommarhack 2016 in Sweden 8-10 July.


If you download the binary (4mb ROM), be aware best results will be had on hardware. It should be OK on PAL or NTSC machines and will run at 50 or 60fps accordingly, but emulation might lead to iffy audio syncing, which isn't ideal in such a prod.


Here's the video for the lazy xmas lamahs :0)



Merry xmas, Jaguar fans.



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That's really awesome you guys are doing demos. I have been watching some on my Amiga CD32/Paravision SX-1 8mb, and it appears the jag can Really do some superior things, comparatively, with less work.

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