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sorry, we're confusing each other.

i was referring to a general google/web search


Sure that should work for google... if you find it please post it here too so that I can add it to the archive :)

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yeah google isn't what it used to be.... even the official sites don't come up for many things any more.... I was in google maps and put in a chain restaurant name.... it found it and showed me the chain's picture location etc... but would not let me link out to it. I had to do a duck duck go search and what do you think the first thing I saw was.... the official site... but even when using duck duck it does not find stuff like it used to... it sends you sites that are tagged by advertisers etc and yelp and blah blah...


What ever happened to the plain raw site search without all the meta tag steered crap.... You know the ones that searched by site name and actual content?

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As you say, its all meta tags these days, "we will let you search but not until we get our revenue"...


There's also the issue with these little file sharing sites, they USED to be no ad pop ups and just banners but now on what I'd have called the innocent ones I'm starting to get the old "Your computer hasa virus, call this number for our Microsoft staff to instruct you how to remove it" (for cash of course and a guy sitting at a desk in India too) that refuses to close until you Task Manager its arse. But now I'm finding pretty full on porn pop ups as well, again, these are on the more normal sites ie not really 'warez stores'.


Well it gives me and Adblock a work out...


But back to the actual topic, I just wish people would name stuff more effectively, at least then you have some chance of finding it amongst all this meta tagged nonsense..

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