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Lynx HSC 2015-2016 Round 4 Ms Pac Man

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The first game of 2016 is the arcade classic Ms Pac Man

post-22103-0-50163500-1451670143_thumb.png post-22103-0-09058200-1451670153_thumb.png

Settings - Cherries (Default)

Deadline to post scores is February 1st 2016 at 12PM EST

Lynx high score club record is -
roadrunner (63,710)
Bust it for one bonus point!

Side challenge -

Play another version of Ms Pac Man for 1 bonus point
One point per person

220,000 oyamafamily (Gameboy) +1 point
45,900 darthkur (Gameboy Color) +1 point
8,120 jblenkle (Arcade/MAME) +1 point

Final high scores -

51,710 roadrunner +11 points +3 points
34,060 darthkur +10 points
20,960 BadPricey +9 points
19,260 jblenkle +8 points
11,400 LidLikesIntellivision +7 points

Current season point standings -

StijnDW 41 points
BadPricey 35 points
darthkur 29 points

roadrunner 24 points
jblenkle 14 points
S.BAZ 9 points
LidLikesIntellivision 7 points
doctorclu 1 point
oyamafamily 1 point

Link to manual


Any corrections please post

Edited by roadrunner

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BONUS MS. PAC-MAN - GAMEBOY CLASSIC (Arcade Difficulty and Fullscreen Mode / "1/2" icon enabled) - 220,000




Picture and video sent to Roadrunner

Edited by oyamafamily

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This Round is over, congrats to the roadrunner.
I hope everyone had fun.

The next game is Pinball Jam, Elvira and the party monsters table.

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