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What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2016 (Season 9)

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I would like to tell all participants about my greatest conquest:


The official competition at HighScore.com ended on April 3, 2016. During this contest period (Jan 30 2016 - Apr 3 2016), I played a lot of Atari 5200 and 7800 games, via emulator in all sessions. Now, I'm going to share the final numbers on my favorite category:



For quick reference: http://www.highscore.com/discussions/topic/jan-30-2016-new-contests-pc-ios-atari-consoles-top-voters/691


The winner of Atari 5200 / 7800 Trophy Cracking Contest is.... ME - OYAMAFAMILY! With 151 worldwide trophies (away from the 2nd place Deteacher, with 116 trophies), I won a composite modded Atari 7800 Prosystem Console. When my 7800 Console arrives safely at my home, I will take and post my photos which will show my console, and I will have fun much more and increase my experience with Atari games!

Huge congratulations Oyamafamily! Your scores in almost every game you play are always amazing and you definitely earned that victory! I hope that you have tons of fun with your new composite modded Atari 7800 and that it brings you more enjoyment than ever from your gaming hobby! :D

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Well I had a pretty good week when it comes to gaming. I went to the National Videogame Museum in Frisco and played a bunch of games. Also I found a retro arcade just about a mile from my residence that opened this past December and has 80 machines, and they arevplanning to have 100 total. $10 all you can play for as long as you wish. Also did some gaming at home as well.

Brickout: 5 Minutes
Astrosmash: 20 Minutes
Atari 2600:
Tax Avoiders: 10 Minutes
Donkey Kong Jr. 9 Minutes
Berzerk: 5 Minutes
Atari 8 Bit:
Donkey Kong: 10 Minutes
Super Mario Bros: 20 Minutes
Castlevania: 25 Minutes
Game Boy:
Super Mario Land: 30 Minutes
Zoo Keeper: 7 Minutes
Mario Bros: 15 Minutes
Donkey Kong: 5 Minutes
Donkey Kong Jr: 4 Minutes
Pac-Man: 8 Minutes
Ms. Pac-Man: 10 Minutes
Tron: 14 Minutes
Space Firebird: 5 Minutes
Lucky and Wild: 20 Minutes
Q*Bert: 3 Minutes
Phoenix: 4 Minutes
Turbo: 5 Minutes
Missle Command: 8 Minutes
Pole Position: 25 Minutes
Tapper: 5 Minutes
Centipede: 12 Minutes
Millipede: 8 Minutes
Lunar Rescue: 11 Minutes
Dig Dug: 4 Minutes
Tempest: 6 Minutes
Robotron 2084: 5 Minutes
Asteroids: 15 Minutes
Gorf: 7 Minutes
Mr. Do: 9 Minutes
Asteroids Deluxe: 4 Minutes
Space Duel: 3 Minutes
Race Drivin': 35 Minutes
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Donkey Kong - 25 minutes

Snake Plissken - 130 minutes


Dark Tower, 1992, Game Room - 15 minutes
Simpsons, 1991, Konami - 50 minutes
Tower of Druaga, 1984, Namco - 25 minutes


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Sorry this week I should collected them all and posted at once, rather than several posts for single days. The last couple of days follow.


Atari 8 Bit:

Donkey Kong - 19m

Donkey Kong Arcade - 7m

Kid Grid - 39m

Mario Brothers - 8m

Moon Patrol - 6m

Zaxxon - 9m

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ATARI 2600:

1) GORF Arcade [hack of GORF] - 13 minutes

2) Venture - 45 minutes, for 2600 NEW High Score Club


ATARI 7800:

Caterpillar / Cat-Man [Hack of Pac-Man] - 105 minutes in several sessions

Highest score: 164,390 points

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Magic Jewelry - 38 min.

Quarth - 46 min.

Super Mario Bros 1 - 12 min.

The Famicom version of Quarth may look alike the MSX2 game, but they have quite a bunch of differences. For instance, the number of structures cleared at once are counted and reported at the end of the level in the tradition of Tengen Tetris. Also it seems to build up booster functions that I haven't investigated further, much because I don't read Japanese. The blocks to clear a part of the display only work that way if the booster has reached high enough levels. Another detail is that you get a number of lives, so if you fail to clear the blocks, you just lose a life instead of instant game over, which is a big change. Finally some levels are full screen width and some are more narrow, unlike the MSX2 that uses the same width all the time.

Whether those small but significant differences were made to Nintendo-fy the game, or exactly how the original arcade game Block Hole plays, I don't know, but it is an interesting example of how one company - Konami - made versions of the same game for different systems without them being identical. I seem to recall that Metal Gear displays similar differences. Nowadays when games are ported, whether they're modern AAA titles or retro homebrews, a lot of the time people expect and demand that different versions as close as possible should the same, which here clearly Konami took the option of doing things different.

I haven't tried the Game Boy version, but I'd expect it to be closer to the Famicom than the MSX2 version, plus any additional official versions that existed of Quarth.

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Here are my times for this past week (April 4th through 10th)...


Atari 2600:

2048 - 24 min.


Game Boy:

Sliders (Clone of 2048) - 139 min.


Commodore 64:

2048 (Act-Otl) - 163 min. in 2 sessions

2048 (Triad) - 27 min.



2048 - 124 min. in 2 sessions


Online (non-eligible):

diverse variants of 2048 - 16 min.

20 Euros - 23 min.

16384 - 117 min.


As promised, I played some versions of 2048 for older systems this week... the one on the Atari 2600 (which, fittingly, is 2048 bytes long), both that exist on the Commodore 64 (one being silent, the other having music), the NES version and the Gameboy clone called Sliders. As expected, they all play pretty much the same. The Atari 2600 and the first C-64 versions got pretty short playtime because I managed to beat them on the first game while I didn't succeed in that on the other version. I haven't beat "Sliders" yet, maybe because it's all black-and-white, so it's harder to make out what the tiles are.


Then I played some variants of 2048. Most of them didn't hold my attention for too long, but I beat 16384 which is actually pretty easy, but still a lengthy process because you have to go through at least 7447 moves to beat the game. Also remarkable is 20 Euros, which despite having expanded the playfield to 5x5 is harder because in order to build the 5 cents, 50 cents and 5 Euro tiles, you have to combine three tiles in a row... a 2, a 2 and a 1. I didn't beat that one... the highest coin I got was a 2 Euro coin.

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Hey all, missed ya! Been working way too hard recently with work and school... since I enjoy my job that's a good problem to have but my video gaming time has been pathetic!


Got some free time this past week though. Woo.



Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past - ~300 Mins.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 : ~45 Mins

Super Castlevania IV: ~60 Mins



Baseball Stars - ~360 mins


Atari 2600:

Combat: ~100 Mins

Maze Craze: ~30 Mins

Space Invaders: ~40 Mins



Was a fun one actually. I'm getting hooked on Baseball Stars again, which is easy given the levelling up/power up nature of it. Decided to randomly sit down and beat Link to the Past again, which I seem to do almost yearly. Such a classic.


The most fun was that I had to babysit my 6 year old twin nephews, and we spent hours upon hours playing on the ol' Atari Flashback. They could not get enough of Combat! Damn games are timeless.

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Atari 2600

Acid Drop - 5 minutes

Assault - 5 minutes

Condor Attack - 5 minutes

Defender Arcade - 3 minutes

Frogger, The Official - 3 minutes

Xevious - 15 minutes


Atari 7800

Caterpillar / Cat-Man [Pac-Man Hack] - 34 minutes

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A combination of being busy and not feeling well means I didn't play much this week:


Game Boy:
Shisenshou: Match Mania - 24 min.
Beat Rounds 28-30, so there are now twenty left.
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Sneaking in a little late this week due to oversleeping this morning, but it looks like I'm still in time to contribute! :D






Animal Crossing: Wild World (Nintendo DS) - 382 minutes


1942 - 4 minutes

Centipede - 7 minutes

Donkey Kong - 7 minutes

Galaga - 8 minutes

Jr. Pac-Man - 6 minutes

Millipede - 4 minutes

Ms. Pac-Man - 38 minutes

Ms. Pac-Man (Speed-Up Version) - 4 minutes

Pac-Man - 2 minutes

Super Breakout - 3 minutes

Game Boy

Alien vs Predator: The Last of His Clan - 65 minutes

Battle Unit Zeoth - 32 minutes

Game & Watch Gallery - 41 minutes

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins - 35 minutes

Game Boy Color

1942 - 112 minutes

Centipede - 93 minutes

Monopoly - 79 minutes

Ms. Pac-Man: Special Color Edition - 100 minutes

Resident Evil: Gaiden - 237 minutes

NES (All emulated on FCE Ultra GX for Wii)

1942 - 23 minutes

Donkey Kong - 4 minutes

Donkey Kong Junior - 7 minutes

Twin Cobra - 8 minutes


Doom - 169 minutes

Total Play Time This Week

1,470 minutes (24 hours 30 minutes) [1,088 minutes eligible]

Individual System Play Times This Week

Game Boy Color: 621 minutes

Nintendo DS: 382 minutes

Game Boy: 173 minutes

PlayStation: 169 minutes

Arcade: 83 minutes

NES: 42 minutes

It was a pretty big week for gaming in my household, with the Game Boy Color finally usurping the Nintendo DS as the top system for the week! Since I started contributing to the Nintendo Age forum's effort to beat every Game Boy and Game Boy Color game in 2016 (or at least as many of them as possible) I've been playing through and beating a ton of Game Boy / Color games. I could go on about it at pretty great length, since that's what made up the bulk of my gaming time this week, but rather than clog up this thread with long game descriptions and mountains of pictures I'll just provide links to my two posts on the subject in the Games Beaten in 2016 thread here and here. Suffice it to say that I had a ton of fun with my Game Boy Color this week!

I also took some time to give the household multicade some love, plaything a game or two of several arcade favorites, and the misses got in on the action as well with some games of Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. As far as her play time for the week goes, she finally finished off Doom II on the PS1 Doom compilation on Ultra Violence difficulty, and from what I gather it sounds like she's going to be starting in on Riven: The Sequel to Myst next week. To wrap things up, I've continued to mess around with the NES emulator on my Wii a little here and there to get an idea of what it might be like having an EverDrive for our NES and being able to select any game I want to play from a menu screen, but not being able to play the games with an original NES controller has made the Wii emulation option a little less than appealing to me. Still, it has been kinda neat getting to check out some NES games that I've never played before without having to run out and buy a physical copy. :)

I think that about covers it for this week!

Edited by Jin
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More 3DO.



Escape from Monster Manor - 200 minutes

Immercanary - 150 minutes

Theme Park - 300 minutes


Sharp X1:

Ys I - 60 minutes


Yeah, nothing really exciting. I finally got around to learning how to exactly play Immercanary, and while I haven't beat it yet, I think I should be able to for next week. Escape from Monster Manor got a few more stages played, fun little game, but man those spiders are tricky. Theme Park is always fun, so yeah, I gave that a bit of time. Finally, the Sharp X1 got some time, 'cause Ys I is always a fun game.


Nothing crazy but it was an enjoyable week.

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Here's the summary for Week 15, running from April 4 - 10. We logged 6224 minutes of eligible play, playing 121 games on a total of 20 systems.

Top 10:

1. GORF (Atari 2600) - 634

2. Silent Hunter (PC (DOS)) - 383

3. Baseball Stars (NES/Famicom) - 360

4. Theme Park (3DO) - 300

4. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) - 300

6. Resident Evil: Gaiden (Game Boy Color) - 237

7. Escape from Monster Manor (3DO) - 200

8. Kaboom (Atari 2600) - 178

9. Doom (PlayStation) - 169

10. 2048 (Act-Otl) (C64) - 163

Pre-NES top 10:

1. GORF (Atari 2600) - 634

2. Kaboom (Atari 2600) - 178

3. 2048 (Act-Otl) (C64) - 163

4. Kid Grid (Atari 8-bit) - 141

5. Caterpillar/Cat-Man [hack] (Atari 7800) - 139

6. Snake Plissken (TI-99/4A) - 130

7. AtariNet (Atari 8-bit) - 119

8. Combat (Atari 2600) - 100

9. Ys I (Sharp X1) - 60

10. Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade) - 48

Top 10 systems:

1. Atari 2600 (1097)

2. 3DO (650)

3. Game Boy Color (621)

4. Atari 8-bit (576)

5. NES/Famicom (543)

5. SNES (543)

7. Arcade (495)

8. PC (DOS) (383)

9. Game Boy (366)

10. C64 (190)

In a week with a whole lot of different games played, what's our #1? Let's ask this guy:


Not only does it take the top spot on all charts, but GORF for the Atari 2600 becomes the 209th member of the 1000-minute club, with 1611 minutes logged to date.

(No word on GROF or FORG, though.)

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haven't had much time for gaming as I just moved. but almost have my game room setup and played alittle TI-99/4A



Bouncy - 15min


Centipede - 5min


Pac-man - 5min


Titanium - 10min

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Here is what I have done so far. It's great living a mile away from a big retro arcade as well!! :grin:


Atari 2600:
Venture: 25 Minutes
Odyssey 2:
Alien Invaders Plus: 5 Minutes
K.C. Munchkin: 7 Minutes
Atlantis: 5 Minutes
Atari 7800:
Galaga: 15 Minutes
Super Mario Bros: 80 Minutes
Castlevania: 20 Minutes
Kung Fu: 10 Minutes
Super Nintendo:
Super Adventure Island: 95 Minutes
Stratovox: 5 Minutes
Galaga: 6 Minutes
Mario Bros: 25 Minutes
Donkey Kong: 10 Minutes
Donkey Kong 2: Jumpman Returns: 10 Minutes
Donkey Kong Jr: 6 Minutes
Donkey Kong 3: 3 Minutes
Ms. Pac-Man: 20 Minutes
Super Pac-Man: 5 Minutes
Tron: 7 Minutes
Space Firebird: 8 Minutes
Lucky and Wild: 30 Minutes
Pole Position: 15 Minutes
Lunar Rescue: 3 Minutes
Tempest: 4 Minutes
Star Wars The Arcade Game: 15 Minutes
Robotron 2084: 5 Minutes
Asteroids: 5 Minutes
Speed Buggy: 7 Minutes
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Atari 2600

Venture: 29 min



Silent Hunter: 60 min


A very annoying game in this week's HSC, and just enough time to squeeze in one (also annoying) patrol under the Sea. Man, you guys had some crappy torpedoes early in the Pacific War...

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