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What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2016 (Season 9)

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Very cool list, Beans.... You put in mad work on the vintage compys. Respect.

Thanks, and sweet C64 playtime for you - The Bards Tale is a pretty fun game. I wish I would've took a pic of my setup, I had every inch of table space taken up and when I had a few on at a time it just turned into a space heater of a table :lol:

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It was great having vacation time from work and putting in a lot of time for some serious gaming. I felt like I was 12-15 again. :grin: Bad thing about being an adult is all the constant working and other things that keep you away from the hobby. I did several gameplay videos on youtube and will continue to do some more when the time is right and I will post them on here as well. :) Also to BurritoBeans. Heck of an awesome week of all the work you put in to your gaming, especially ones in your age range. You admire and enjoy classic and vintage gaming. I absolutley respect and admire you strongly! Wish more people in your age range are like you in terms of gaming. :) :thumbsup:




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Final times to post:


Atari 5200:

Beamrider - 34 minutes

Miner 2049er - 48 minutes

Ms. Pac-Man - additional 7 minutes

Pengo - 47 minutes

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Here's the summary for Week 6, running from February 1 - 7. We logged 10,079 minutes of eligible play, playing 97 games on a total of 28 systems.

Top 10:

1. Action 52 (NES/Famicom) - 1062

2. Arkanoid (C64) - 1035

3. Pirates (C64) - 960

4. Zelda II: The Adventures of Link (NES/Famicom) - 900

5. Gyruss (C64) - 699

6. Lemans (C64) - 538

7. Kaboom (Atari 2600) - 463

8. Donkey Kong Jr. (Atari 2600) - 386

9. Tecmo Super Bowl (2015 Roster Hack) (NES/Famicom) - 360

10. Bard's Tale (C64) - 260

Pre-NES top 10:

1. Arkanoid (C64) - 1035

2. Pirates (C64) - 960

3. Gyruss (C64) - 699

4. Lemans (C64) - 538

5. Kaboom (Atari 2600) - 463

6. Donkey Kong Jr. (Atari 2600) - 386

7. Bard's Tale (C64) - 260

8. Joust (Atari 5200) - 194

9. Bowling [aka PBA Bowling] (Intellivision) - 145

10. Dark Chambers (Atari 7800) - 136

Top 10 systems:

1. C64 (3542)

2. NES/Famicom (2642)

3. Atari 2600 (1119)

4. Atari 5200 (751)

5. Arcade (493)

6. Atari 7800 (291)

7. Intellivision (220)

8. NEC PC-8801 (129)

9. Commodore 16 & Plus/4 (81)

10. Famicom Disk System (75)

OK, it's an unusual situation since we're adding in times from previous weeks -- but still, we crack 10,000 minutes for only the fourth time! Not coincidentally Week 06 is now the #4 all-time week, and the first one from 2016 to join the all-time Top 10 list (not to mention the only one on the list that's not from 2015).

So, an armada of C64 games descends upon the tracker, easily taking the pre-NES and system category. What hero can withstand this onslaught and keep the C64 from a clean sweep?...

...oh, great, it's Action 52. Active Enterprises' answer to a question no one asked, to paraphrase Ned Flanders. But it's our #1 game this week, and I'll do my penance for that later.

With 1202 minutes logged to date, Action 52 also joins the 1000-minute club, along with Arkanoid for C64 (1035 minutes), Zelda II for NES (1615 minutes), Joust for Atari 5200 (1189 minutes), and Space Invaders for Atari 2600 (1009 minutes). And just like that, spots #195-199 are claimed, with only one left to reach 200.

Finally, take note of the record-breaking diversity this week: 28 different systems represented! That's the most we've ever had, and one of the contributors is the PC-8801, which reaches #8 in its first appearance on the tracker.

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So far this week!!!





Blue Marlin (90 minutes)





Copter Command (25 minutes)




Not much so far... Hoping to get more played by Sunday.

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Another week of some heavy gameplay the past week.


Atari 2600:


Centipede: 20 Minutes




Bowling: 25 Minutes


Atari 7800:


Joust: 20 Minutes




Balloon Fight: 10 Minutes


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game: 45 Minutes


Super Mario Bros. 3: 210 Minutes


Paperboy: 15 Minutes


Super Mario Bros.: 40 Minutes


Mario Bros.: 120 Minutes


Donkey Kong: 25 Minutes


Kung Fu: 10 Minutes


Excitebike: 5 Minutes

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Atari 2600

Centipede: 35 min

Pac Man: 12 min


Not much playtime, but fun. Centipede is great, and I have a soft spot in my heart for Pac Man, despite its obvious shortcomings compared to the arcade.

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On Centipede, while other versions have better graphics (TI-99/4A), the tempo and sound on the 2600 are perfect.



And yea, PacMan is still great, even withe the shortcomings. :)

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Won't get any more play time this week...






Blue Marlin (additional 120 minutes)





Bowling (40 minutes)

Burgertime (20 minutes)

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (30 minutes)

World Championship Baseball (45 minutes)





TI Invaders (35 minutes)

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Aggression - 3 min.

Banana Drama - 9 min.

Downing Street - 12 min.

Fickle - 4 min.

Get 'Em [Georg Rottensteiner] - 38 min.

Hawaii - 3 min.

Jars Revenge - 7 min.

Little Sara Sister 2 - 8 min.

Monster Buster - 4 min.

Wizard of Wor - 10 min.

A mix of emulated goodness and the fact that I bought another EasyFlash cartridge that supposedly would be blank, but turned out to be filled with 60 more or less randomly choosen games. I started off with trying some politics oriented games, but many of those have so complex rules to read through that one almost needs to write them down, and be really rested and motivated to tackle them. As for individual titles, it turned out that Aggression was not a game at all, the computer would run everything and I just had to press space and see the "game" play itself. It didn't even seem to have an ending.

Jars Revenge is what it sounds like, a 2011 adaption of Yars' Revenge which I think started as a 1K minigame in the early 2000's but then expanded to a full game, or the two are different entries. In a similar fashion, Little Sara Sister also was a 4K minigame that got expanded to a bigger game, with graphics extremely inspired by Great Giana Sisters without being ripped. Get 'Em on the other hand is a remake of the iOS game Forget-Me-Not, and I find a lot of homebrews in the 21th century tend to origin from remakes or demakes of modern cell phone or web based games, which is great as it connects casual gaming of today with yesterday and might be a way to get more of the youngsters into our hobby that otherwise might be overlooked.

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No, this one is purchased for our club, in order that I don't have to lend mine all the time. But sometimes you find those on eBay for really affordable prices, in particular from Polish resellers.

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Here are my times for this past week (February 8th through 14th)...



Q*Bert's Qubes - 162 min. in 4 sessions

Toobin' - 12 min.


Facebook (non-eligible):

Super Rally Challenge - 30 min.


Not too much gaming this week, but it's pretty much the amount I actually want to achieve (about half an hour per day in average). There has been some turmoil at work lately so I said to myself I got to get myself together and do some more of the things that are due to be done at home, which I managed to do from Monday to Friday after work, but it went pretty much completely downhill yesterday and today where I did everything but continue with the things that need to be done. ;-)


I continued to play Q*Bert's Qubes and still didn't reach the score of the first game last week. I also replayed Toobin' again until I reached the end of Level 1, and finally I tried the Facebook game Super Rally Challenge 2, but had it beaten in only 30 minutes.

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ATARI 2600:

Centipede - 33 minutes


ATARI 5200:

Asteroids - 21 minutes

H.E.R.O. - 20 minutes

River Raid - 18 minutes

Vanguard - 8 minutes


ATARI 7800:

Asteroids-VE [hack of Asteroids] - 21 minutes

Crazy Brix - 37 minutes

Joust - 13 minutes (for 7800 HSC Season 8 )

Jr. Ms. Pac-Man [hack of Jr. Pac-Man] - 88 minutes in several sessions

K.C.Munchkin - 83 minutes in several sessions

Pac-Man Collection - 167 minutes in several sessions


HighScore.com official contest with more worldwide trophy cracking on 5200 / 7800 Competition, trying to win an Atari 7800 Console!

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I simply cannot believe the Action 52 love!


SNES - Final Fantasy V - 562 Minutes




Tapper - ~45 minutes


Not that exciting for me this week. I seriously don't think it's physically possible to EVER get tired of Tapper. I pride myself on my ability to thwart that masked-bandit beer-shaking bastard! I'm still not that great overall at the game but damn is it addicting.


FFV is... probably one of the weakest overall or at least one of my least favorites of the main Final Fantasy entries, but I have a soft spot for it, and given that I've been feeling under the weather all week, the job-customization and mindless-grinding involved is great for those long nights I can't sleep. I'm just getting back to the point where I'm remembering the huge bottleneck between "decent" job skills and the uber, top-level overpowered stuffs. Trying to grind out the top level job skills is bordering on MMO-style grinding territory. Ugh

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This is all I've got this week:



Lemans 203


Arkanoid rod 93 - The sequel to the original is a more complicated and better game, but it does not support paddles. It was a good excuse to get out the Commodore mouse, but treating a mouse like a game controller kinda feels a little like working.


Sea Wolf 21



Centipede 14

Space Invaders 1

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More Game.com...



Centipede - 115 minutes

Fighters Megamix - 47 minutes

Henry - 65 minutes

Indy 500 - 100 minutes

Jeopardy - 60 minutes

Lights Out - 60 minutes


Sharp X68000

Cameltry - 30 minutes


Uhh, well nothing exciting. Game.com is back, and well, it wasn't all too great this time around. Centipede I already covered, but I was playing it in the car and stuff as I kind-of like it and I don't have any other mobile ports of the game (Not counting the phone which I don't really use for games... I hate touchscreen controls) Fighters Megamix, well, I remember playing the Saturn version at a friends house and it was OK. This is a really watered-down version of that Saturn version, and while it works, that's as far as I'll say it goes. Henry is fairly simple, just some matching game which I put more playtime into than I wanted to. Indy 500 is OK enough, well, for game.com standards. Turning feels funny being that I'm used to a car actually turning and not just angling itself and moving with the track, driving feels kinda silly, and the game isn't what I'd want to go to for a racer - I'd say just play the arcade machine instead. Jeopardy, well, it's Jeopardy. Most-everyone knows the show, so it's no surprise how the game plays out. Lights Out is kind-of fun, it's a simple little puzzle game - a pack-in for what I know, and while it is a nice pack-in, it really doesn't show the system off too much as your old Game Boy could do the same thing. Other than that, the X68000 got some playime with the usual Cameltry. I don't even know why I still play Cameltry, I've beat all the stuff multiple times, but I do. So yeah, nothing really exciting or all that great. Other than all that, all my game time was sunk into Team Fortress 2 or Garry's Mod which don't count. So yeah, not a really exciting week but oh well... hopefully the next batch of games are better.

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Videos of the week:


1) 5200 Vanguard



2) 5200 H.E.R.O.


3) 5200 River Raid


4) 7800 K.C.Munchkin


5) 7800 Crazy Brix


6) 7800 Jr. Ms. Pac-Man


7) 7800 Asteroids-VE


8. 5200 Asteroids


9) 7800 Joust


10) 7800 Pac-Man Collection

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Hey there everyone! Sorry for my absence last week, I was really sick on Sunday/Monday and didn't have much eligible playtime to contribute so I ended up taking a week off. That said, I'm back in the swing of things this week!






Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS) - 221 minutes

Clubhouse Games (Nintendo DS) - 216 minutes

Doom (Game Boy Advance) - 15 minutes

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo DS) - 592 minutes

Nintendogs: Best Friends (Nintendo DS) - 29 minutes

The Pinball Arcade (Android) - 612 minutes

The Pinball of the Dead (Game Boy Advance) - 20 minutes

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Game Boy Advance) - 12 minutes


Centipede - 8 minutes

Millipede - 13 minutes


Castlevania (Played on Classic NES Series: Castlevania for Game Boy Advance) - 4 minutes

Xevious (Played on Classic NES Series: Xevious for Game Boy Advance) - 7 minutes

Sega Genesis

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - 151 minutes

Total Play Time This Week

1,900 minutes (31 hours 40 minutes) [183 minutes eligible]

Individual System Play Times This Week

Nintendo DS: 1,058 minutes

Android: 612 minutes

Sega Genesis: 151 minutes

Game Boy Advance: 47 minutes

Arcade: 21 minutes

NES: 11 minutes

As you can tell I didn't have a whole lot of eligible playtime this week, but I still managed to log a lot of gaming time in general. The release of Fireball and El Dorado reproduction pinball tables on The Pinball Arcade for Android really re-sparked my interest in pinball, so along with playing those tables I ended up going to a few local bars and pizza shops to play a lot of real pinball too. The Nintendo DS got a whole lot of love from my household this week too, with my wife still grinding her way through The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and me borrowing her DSi XL system to play Clubhouse Games, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Nintendogs: Best Friends (Don't judge me, I was sick in and in need of cheering up! :lol: ). The misses and I also did a little gaming together this week, taking turns playing through zones in Sonic 2 on the Genesis until we beat it.

On the Game Boy Advance front, you might notice that there are a lot of GBA games in the picture above but no system to play them on pictured. The reason for that is that when the brand new Crimson colored DS Lite that I had been waiting for arrived in the mail, it ended up having a defective D-Pad that was so loose it slid around in it's socket, rattled all over the place, and didn't register diagonal button presses. I spent a little time testing it with GBA games but ultimately I did return it for a refund, and that makes it now the third new in box Crimson colored DS Lite that I have purchased and then had to return because it had some kind of defect. The first one had dead pixels on the upper screen, the second one had a totally screwed up touchscreen, and this latest one had a defective D-Pad.

The DS Lite really is my all time favorite handheld, but I've had such bad luck finding a new condition one without defects that I'm honestly starting to consider giving up on my quest to get one and just settling for a different model DS system that isn't so prone to defects. As much as I love the DS Lite (due to it being able to play both Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance games), I'll admit that it is the one Nintendo handheld that is absolutely plagued with all kinds of defects. From the touchscreen, to the hinges, finish, dead pixels, and D-Pads there are all kinds of things that can and do regularly go wrong with DS Lites; even brand new ones. If Nintendo would just get their act together and release the smaller sized New 3DS in North America in any color other than white I'd just settle for that and pick one up, but given how badly white handhelds tend to yellow over time I may just have to continue my quest for a perfect working and new condition Crimson colored DS Lite until Nintendo decides to provide another color option for the New 3DS. Or until my wife gets tired of letting me borrow her DSi XL, whichever happens first lol. Every other region has the option to get the New 3DS in black though, so I figure North America will have to get them eventually... I hope.

Anyway, that's enough complaining about Nintendo handhelds for one week I think! All in all it was a pretty good week for gaming, and here's hoping that next week a little more of my household's playtime will be eligible for the tracker. :)

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