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What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2016 (Season 9)

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I went back to the earlier seasons. In the years 2008-2010, the summaries don't seem as uniform which makes it harder to digest them, but the first - and somewhat extended - monster week in 2010, when the tracker moved from Atari 2600 to Classic Gaming General supposedly brought in 151 different games.


Since 2011 and forward, the numbers look like this:


2011: Min 14 games, max 82 games

2012: Min 12 games, max 67 games

2013: Min 18 games, max 89 games

2014: Min 24 games, max 94 games

2015: Min 20 games, max 213 games, average 64.73 games/week


Thus an inofficial top 7 list might look like this:


1. 213 games (Week 42, 2015)

2. 183 games (Week 43, 2015)

3. 151 games (Week 1, 2010)

4. 114 games (Week 9, 2016)

5. 113 games (Week 28, 2015)

6. 111 games (Week 39, 2015)

7. 109 games (Week 35, 2015)


Somehow I doubt there were more than 100 games in a single week in the first two seasons when most of the play occurred on the Atari 2600. Indeed the library may contain over 100 games, but not all get played in the same week.


Edit: Haha, fool on me! Already in the very first week in October 2008, the summary says about 100 different games had been played.

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Didn't do as much gaming this week but here is what I logged.


Atari 2600:


The Official Frogger:




Bowling: 15 Minutes





Bad Dudes: 30 Minutes


Super Mario Bros: 10 Minutes



Atari 7800:


Dig Dug: 30 Minutes



Sega Genesis:


Castlevania Bloodlines: 25 Minutes





Mario Bros: 10 Minutes


Donkey Kong: 10 Minutes


Millipede: 20 Minutes


Moon Patrol: 15 Minutes

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Atari 2600

Frogger (“Official Frogger, The”): 101 min (Supercharger)



Silent Hunter: 115 min


What a fun and challenging version of Frogger on the Supercharger. Shame it's such a hassle to get one of those in realo here in Europe. I'd love to fiddle around with it. But it's really too expensive on ebay, and in the wild... no way.


Also, more underwater action. Started a new career, inspired by some more reading about subs in WW2. Not sure it I'll sit through the whole war again, but you never know... I tend to name my captains after Heavy Metal musicians, by the way. This new one goes by the name of Kilmister. R.I.P. Lemmy.

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BBC Micro:

Paperboy - 3 min.

Super Cassette Vision:

Elevator Fight - 7 min.

Nebula - 14 min.

Punch Boy - 10 min.

Some brief function testing on the Beeb after I replaced the PSU, and some new purchases on the SCV. Now I'm up to 9 playable games + Milky Princess which is all in Japanese so I can't make heads or tails. A few more games, and it will pass the magic limit and enter stats of the 10 most played games per system. Notably so far I have steered clear of sports games (Baseball, Golf, Soccer) although I generally don't mind at least soccer games.

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Sunday evening addition:


BBC Micro:

Tetris - 10 min.


The Beeb is now fully reassembled.

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Here are my times for this past week (February 29th through March 6th):


Atari 2600:

Mangia - 137 min. in 4 sessions


I continued to play "Mangia", but I usually only played one complete game per session, and one session per day, in order not to lose too much time.


I spent much more time creating a radio station on Radionomy which you can listen to under the name of "Radio Würmchen" (currently it comes first on Google under that search term). It's meant to play everything that's popular here in Vienna, measured by how often it plays on other radio stations, how often it gets sung on Karaoke and how it comes off on live gigs. It's generally an estimation of mine. In fact, the station as it stands now plays mostly lighter English pop music from the 60s through now with a special focus on the 80s, with only a bit of German Schlager, Rock, Dance and Classical music thrown in. It also plays some forgotten songs which have been dropped from commercial radio airwaves for a long time. You can listen to it on the Radionomy.com website, but of course that doesn't count as playing time. ;-)

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ATARI 5200:

1) Kangaroo - 15 minutes

2) H.E.R.O. - 15 minutes



Ms. Pac-Man [Tengen License] - 1 minute


ATARI 7800:

1) Asteroids-VE - 25 minutes

2) Asteroids Deluxe - 60 minutes

3) Bleach Pac-Man [hack of Jr. Pac-Man] - 30 minutes

4) Jr. Ms. Pac-Man [hack of Jr. Pac-Man] - 55 minutes

5) Jr. Pac-Man - 28 minutes

6) Ms. Pac-Man - 25 minutes

7) Pac-Man Collection - 300 minutes in several sessions

8 ) Super Pac-Man - 40 minutes



Some videos of the week to check out:

5200 Kangaroo:

5200 H.E.R.O.:

7800 Jr. Ms. Pac-Man:

7800 Pac-Man Collection with Ms. Pac-Man:

7800 Ms. Pac-Man:

7800 Pac-Man Collection with Pac-Man Plus:

7800 Jr. Pac-Man:

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Here's the household game play for the week:




JetPac: 140 minutes

Jet Set Willy: 10 minutes

Bouncy: 20 minutes

Arcturus: 30 minutes

Attack of the Creepers: 40 minutes

Slymoids: 20 minutes

Lasso: 15 minutes

Nonogram: 30 minutes

Killer Caterpillar: 40 minutes

Robotron 2084: 15 minutes

Superstorm: 10 minutes

Alex Kidd on Miracle Island: 15 minutes

Submarine Battle: 10 minutes


This is the first chance I've had to play in a while--but it was all good! :) I needed some good gaming relaxation. . .

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The Blue Marlin - ~280 Minutes

Casino Kid - 15 Minutes




Final Fantasy 3 - 256 Minutes

Street Fighter 2 - 25 Minutes

Street Fighter 2 Turbo - 10 Minutes




Super Mario Land 2 - 35 Minutes



Rocking the ol' Nintendo family this week.


One thing I love about this thread and community is that it gives me suggestions, reminders, etc... like my marathon of Sword of Vermillion last year, or now, my marathon of Blue Marlin (NES) This series of Black Bass, Blue Marlin, and Black Bass Lure Fishing were some of my favorites as a youth, and to be fair I never really knew for sure if it's because they're good games, or because I love fishing. Maybe it's both. Either way, last week's action inspired me to fire up Blue Marlin and I simply couldn't stop until I played through it. Still just as fun as I remember, but dammit if it were only a little less cryptic and much longer, it'd be insane! Love it. Now in reality the largest fish I've caught is probably about 10-15 pounds, but... a man can dream!



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My times for the week:


The Grinch - 184 min.
Seaman - 10 min.
Worms World Party - 75 min.
Man, The Grinch could've been a decent game if the mission objectives weren't so hopelessly obscure and counterintuitive.
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Just one tracked game for me this week. Continuing with my theme of paddle games, I played Pinball Spectacular on the C64 for 105 minutes. I had never heard of this game bitd, but that isn't surprising, as I mostly avoided arcade and pinball games when I was a kid. I had recently learned it is a breakout pinball hybrid which was intriguing. The game does a surprisingly good job of mixing the two genres, but this really is mostly a pinball game. I can't say that I've ever played anything quite like it. I'll probably be playing this one when I need a mindless break during the week to come.



I also played Golden sun for another 10 hours or so. Still not through to the end of that one . . .

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Astrosmash (25 minutes)

Bowling (45 minutes)

Chipshot Golf (20 minutes)

PGA Golf (11 minutes)

Shark! Shark! (50 minutes)

Snafu (185 minutes)

Space Hawk (15 minutes)

Super Pro Football (50 minutes)

World Championship Baseball (70 minutes)



All Intellivision this week... Wanted to get some good TI time in this week, but it all ended up being Intellivision. Snafu is incredibly addictive and my son and I are playing the crap out of it these days. We played 185 minutes together, in two player mode. Awesome game. :)

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Brain Dead 13 - 62 minutes

DOOM - 322 minutes

Road Rash - 150 minutes


The Horde - 92 minutes


Atari 2600:

Star Raiders - 35 minutes



Solitare - 30 minutes

Sonic Jam - 92 minutes



Sonic the Hedgehog - 20 minutes

Sonic 2 - 12 minutes

Sonic 3 - 21 minutes

Splatterhouse 2 - 72 minutes

Super Hydlide- 52 minutes


Well, not too much. Going with the Game.com, I bought a 32X this week so I haven't been paying attention to it - I've been throwing more time into my Genesis. Solitare is well, solitare - nothing really exciting, nothing to explain here. Sonic Jam I've got back to again, and well, it's still not too great. It's pretty much a weak Saturn port in black and white and with a Sonic sprite that looks like the one from the Neo Geo Pocket game but a bit worse. I put time into the Genesis sonic games as I wanted to compare for some reasons, and well, it's obvious - the Genesis versions are a lot better.


Other than that, the 3DO got some use again. I was browsing youtube and came across ewhac, and it's two guys who worked at 3DO that go by ewhac and gammadev that play some old 3DO games, and I love listening to them talk about the stuff - if you want an example, go watch their Monster Manor videos, they're pretty cool. So, because of this, I stuck my 3DO under my Genesis as it fits nicely and they stack fine, and I popped in some games just to play around. DOOM got the most playtime as I saw in the Jaguar section how there was thread with the interview of the developer, and while it's not the best port, I sitll love it and went through it twice. I also put some time into a 3DO game I haven't played all that much before, Brain Dead 13, and while I didn't get all that far in, it's good enough - not like Dragon's Lair exactly as there's no flashing objects or anything, but it still plays similar with lots of trial and error to progress.


Finally, the Genesis got its playtime. I bought a 32X last Monday, and if I had a Model 2 Genesis I could've been playing but it doesn't work on my Model 3, so I had to buy another Model 2 video cable and a link cable for my Model 1 which just came in the mail today. It works fine with Genesis games using the 32X for video out, so I'm hoping that I can find some 32X games at the stores here. For playtime on the thing, I popped in the Sonic games which are always fun. I played a bit of Virtual Hydlide, which while I know the Hydlide series isn't seen as all that good, I still love them all. I also got some time in with Splatterhosue 2, which I lost all skill at (Back to only being able to get to the 3rd or 4th board and then dying) but it's still fun and I'd like to be able to beat it again.


So yeah, lots of stuff.


Edit: Virtual for Super - Thanks for the correction goldenband!

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^I think you mean Super Hydlide, right? Virtual Hydlide is on the Saturn. :)


BTW those 3DO videos by ewhac and gammadev are great, agreed! They occasionally post at the 3DO Zone site:




Yeah, I meant Super Hydlide... I dunno why but I always confuse 'em, maybe I'll have Virtual Hydlide for next week though :)


And nice link, I like my 3DO but I never really knew there were sites for it.

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I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

(But still sneaking in before the weekly stats are tallied, luckily! :D)






Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS) - 96 minutes

Clubhouse Games (Nintendo DS) - 42 minutes

Dementium II (Nintendo DS) - 283 minutes

Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS) - 18 minutes

Ōkamiden (Nintendo DS) - 335 minutes

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (Nintendo DS) - 108 minutes

Touch the Dead (Nintendo DS) - 36 minutes


Centipede - 9 minutes

Game Boy Color

Monopoly - 81 minutes

Total Play Time This Week

1,008 minutes (16 hours 48 minutes) [90 minutes eligible]

Individual System Play Times This Week

Nintendo DS: 918 minutes

Game Boy Color: 81 minutes

Arcade: 9 minutes

It was another one of those "Mostly ineligible" weeks around here, with the DS dominating my household's video gaming time. I spent most of the week once again borrowing my wife's DSi XL to play games on, however I did finally manage to scrape together the cash to buy a brand new in box crimson & black colored DS Lite on eBay this morning! So, as of next week I'll finally have my own system to play DS games on. :) Which is a very good thing, since the weight of that DSi XL my wife has is way too much for the carpal tunnel in my left hand to deal with and I'm one seriously hurting unit after all the time I spent playing it this week.

What got me to log all those hours on the DS this week was my continued journey through the spellbindingly gorgeous and heartwarmingly charming Ōkamiden, and finally getting my hands on a copy of the long sought after Dementium II. Way back when I played through the original Dementium on the DS and thought it was fantastic, so when I was able to pick up the sequel this week it pretty much dominated all my gaming time from there on out. I haven't read any guides or spoilers so I don't know how much I've got left to go in the game, but at this point I'm just starting Chapter 5 and it seems like the conclusion is drawing near. Having played and been a big fan of Renegade Kid's two other first person shooters on the DS—the original Dementium and Moon—I can really tell how much they learned from their previous two games when playing Dementium II. Any minor complaint I might have had about their previous two releases has been fixed in Dementium II, and the whole game just feels like a masterpiece release from a company who knows the DS better than just about anyone other than Nintendo themselves. It is a direct sequel to the original Dementium that picks up exactly where the first game left off though, so anyone thinking about picking up a copy of Dementium II should really play through the first game beforehand to get the full story.

I also spent a bit more time with Call of Duty: Black Ops even though I have already played through and beaten the story mode twice, but I just keep combing back to it for a few minutes here and few minutes there to play the addictively arcade style Zombies mode whenever I have a bit of free time to kill. I was really happy to see that they included this previously home console exclusive mode in a handheld port, since it really is what makes up the bulk of the game's replay value with the online multiplayer servers now shut down.

As far as my wife's gaming time goes this week, Puzzle Quest and and Touch the Dead were the games she played. Not a whole lot of time was logged on those two, but she did have a lot of fun with both and will be continuing to play through them next week I imagine. Lastly, Monopoly for the Game Boy Color and Centipede on the 60-in-1 multicade once again swoop in to give my household a little tracker eligible playtime to contribute. That's all for this week! :)

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Here's the summary for Week 10, running from February 29 - March 6. We logged 4543 minutes of eligible play, playing 74 games on a total of 18 systems.

Top 10:

1. Kaboom (Atari 2600) - 471

2. Doom (3DO) - 322

3. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 300

4. Blue Marlin (NES/Famicom) - 280

5. Final Fantasy III (VI) (SNES) - 256

6. Snafu (Intellivision) - 185

7. Grinch, The (Dreamcast) - 184

8. Road Rash (3DO) - 150

9. JetPac (TI-99/4A) - 140

10. Mangia (Atari 2600) - 137

Pre-NES top 10:

1. Kaboom (Atari 2600) - 471

2. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 300

3. Snafu (Intellivision) - 185

4. JetPac (TI-99/4A) - 140

5. Mangia (Atari 2600) - 137

6. Frogger (Official/Starpath) (Atari 2600) - 106

7. Pinball Spectacular (C64) - 105

8. World Championship Baseball (Intellivision) - 70

9. Asteroids Deluxe (Atari 7800) - 60

9. Bowling [aka PBA Bowling] (Intellivision) - 60

Top 10 systems:

1. Atari 2600 (749)

2. 3DO (626)

3. Atari 7800 (593)

4. Intellivision (486)

5. TI-99/4A (395)

6. NES/Famicom (336)

7. SNES (291)

8. Dreamcast (269)

9. Genesis (202)

10. Game.com (122)

Kaboom and Doom? We've certainly seen that pairing before, and with those games in the lead the Atari 2600 and 3DO top the charts this week.

Not too much else to report -- no new entrants into the 1000-minute club, no milestones reached. Just good solid gameplayin', though not the kind online personals say they don't want (along with drama, country music, and rap).

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That's a solid steady week there. Wish I could have joined Ksarul in some TI time, but I have had my TI torn down for a few weeks now.


Thanks for updating the tracker!

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My pleasure! I started doing it simply because I enjoyed it so much as a participant and didn't want to see it fade away, and that helps with the motivation to keep it going. :) Plus my workflow has gotten refined over the years, so that a couple things that used to be a hassle now take a lot less time.

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My pleasure! I started doing it simply because I enjoyed it so much as a participant and didn't want to see it fade away, and that helps with the motivation to keep it going. :) Plus my workflow has gotten refined over the years, so that a couple things that used to be a hassle now take a lot less time.

And a big thanks from me as well! Even though the majority of my playtime has drifted towards ineligible systems from 2000 to 2004 over the last few months I still really enjoy participating in the tracker and reading what everyone is playing each week. It's definitely a highlight of my Sundays and Mondays every week, and I'm sure that once I burn myself out on the DS kick I've been on lately I'll get back to playing more Game Boy/Color, Arcade, and Sega Genesis games.


My gaming interests really come and go in phases, so even though the Nintendo DS is my main interest right now I know it's not going to stay that way forever. Times like these do make me wish that there was someone running a 2000-Current tracker in the Modern Gaming subform, but I'm nowhere near organized enough to pull off something like that myself and I know that before long my interests will become more retro again.


I am curious though, as the tracker goes along and the console generations pass, do you think there may come a point when you start making more years eligible for the tracker? For instance, right now game systems from 2000 to 2004 might not be inarguably "retro", but at some point after another console generation or two passes would there come a point when early 2000's systems would become "retro" enough to consider adding them to the list of tracker eligible systems? Just something I've been pondering lately. :)

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Kaboom! and Atari 2600 return to the top! Maybe not for long though because this week I am playing Gremlins on the 2600. The mogwai phase is sort of like Kaboom! only you use a joystick instead of a paddle.

The Gremlin phase is kind of like space invaders.

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I'll be going out of town for work two weeks and likely won't have a ton of time for games.


I will be lucky to even get play time on my phone. Going to North Carolina for two weeks of 7 day a week grinding at another poultry processing plant. Away from my bed, my boat, and my game systems.

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