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FS: N64, Xbox, PS1, ColecoVision, 2600, and Big Box PC games

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Cleaning out some stuff in my collection that I don't need anymore. Everything has been confirmed to be working in the past few months and will be tested before shipping and payment if possible. See photos for the exact condition each item is in. If you want to offer a different price on anything then feel free to send me a PM. All games include manuals unless stated otherwise.



Atari 2600:

Pair of 2 Keyboard Controllers - $9

Arcade Golf - $3.50
Basic Programming - $12
Crystal Castles - $4
Dig Dig - $8
Frogger - $6
Golf (No Manual) - $2
Grand Prix (No Manual) - $2
Home Run - $1
Ice Hockey - $5
Joust - $6
Kaboom - $3
Missile Command - $3
Pele's Soccer - $1
Spy Hunter - $22
Telegames Backgammon - $3.50
Telegames Basketball - $2
Telegames Chess - $3
Telegames Golf - $1.50

Telegames Othello (No Manual) - $2
Video Pinball (No Manual) - $1.50




Burgertime - $15
Congo Bongo - $15
Destructor - $8

Q-Bert - $1 (missing original label)
Slither - $8
Turbo Coleco - $8
Victory Coleco - $6



Nintendo 64:

Turok II N64 (no manual) - $4

Armorines Project S.W.A.R.M N64 (no manual) - $3.50




Little Big Planet - $4

Burnout Dominator (no manual) - $4



Original Xbox:

Fight Night Round 2 - $2

Pariah - $1.50

Project Snowblind Xbox - $1.50
Rallisport Challenge Xbox - $4

Street Racing Syndicate - $2.50 (missing original case, in replacement black case)



Original Playstation:

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - $7

Grand Theft Auto Collectors' Edition - $14 (numbers written on game disks, should be removable with magic eraser. Only has the GTA London poster, missing GTA/GTA2 posters.)



Small Box/Sleeved Windows:

Dungeon Siege - $5
Dugeon Siege Legends of Aranna - $8
Silent Hunter 3 - $3



Big Box Windows/DOS:

Baldur's Gate 1 - $12
Baldur's Gate 2 - $12
Far Gate - $4
Lords of Magic - $8
MechWarrior 2 Mercenaries - $10
Sim Farm CD-ROM Classics - $10
Test Drive 4 CD-ROM Classics - $4



Jewel Case Windows/DOS:
Driver - $1
Microsoft Pandora's Box - $10
Nascar Racing II - $1
Rome Total War - $1
Red Baron II - $2
Space Hulk - $3
Star Trek Armada - $15
Star Wars Force Commander - $4


All pictures can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/kn2HL

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Bump. Going to be adding some 2600 and CV titles over time as I get more envelopes to ship them in, starting with Spy Hunter w/ manual.

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Well, I went ahead and added all of the stuff I had available including the crap ton of 2600 manuals I've had for a few years that were from games that didn't work. I also added some snazzy new pictures!

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Bumping again, everything is still available except for the broken copy of Virtual-On (pictures 16 & 17). I thought it might be possible to resurface the game but it seems to have disc rot so yeah.

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Bumping again because I went through my collection and found a lot of stuff I don't want. Also lowered the price on Spy Hunter since it was pretty crappy and you could get a better deal on eBay.

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Bumping again. I've been selling some of this stuff on eBay lately so if you're interested in anything please ask about it before I throw it onto there.

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