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Today I just want to ask what everyone's favorite game of 2015 was. It can be a next gen console game, Steam game, homebrew title, or anything else you can think of. :) My favorite was Undertale (on Steam). It's a retro styled RPG that does it all: it's original, difficult but not too hard, has amazing replay value, hilarious, has a deep story, amazing music (you telling me you haven't seen the million hopes and dreams remixes on youtube), and best of all is only $10!


Rant away! :-D

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#1 Rocket League


A few others I was impressed with this year:

Until Dawn

Witcher 3


I'm torn on Fallout 4, I beat it, it was good but the settlement thing and some of the repetitious quests and fast travel killed it for me.

I'm sure Bloodborne and Undertale are great but I haven't played them (or finished them) to decide. I just picked up Undertale a few weeks ago.

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The thing about Undertale is that not everyone will like it. It's a love it or hate it kind of game, but most will love it! My friends recommended it to me and I was hesitant to try, but as soon as I started I couldn't stop.

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