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FS: 3rd Party Joysticks, C64 Tablet, LipStik, Sega Multi-tap LOWER PRICES

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Hello all,


I have the following items for sale. Shipping will be extra and at cost and I use priority mail in the US. PM me if you want anything, and thanks for looking. :)



[Atari 2600]

Boxed and Signed Stunt Cycle from Philly Classic 3 #10/50 BEST OFFER ON HOLD


[XBox One]

Halo 5 sealed $20 SOLD



Vectopia complete $20 SOLD



-------- Everything below is NOW $4 Each --------


[Atari 2600]

Slik Stik Joystick

Slik Stik Joystick

Wico Command Controller


[Commodore 64]

Access The LipStik Plus Headset - Voice Activated Fire Button

Suncom Animation Station Graphics Tablet (untested, was working when last used)


Commodore 1530 C2N Datasette Tape Drive (untested, was working when last used) SOLD


[sega Genesis]

Sega Four Player Multi-tap



[Atari 5200]

Atari Trackball (non working) Most of the buttons work, but the trackball itself, while moving fine, doesn't send any data to the console. SOLD



520 TV Adapter SOLD

Master 3A1 3rd Party External Floppy Drive (presumed not working, the light came on but my Amiga 2000 could not see the drive last time I checked) SOLD


[Xbox 360]

Akai Katana (complete) - US version SOLD

DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou (complete) - Japan Version but region free SOLD




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