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TI-99/4A - Tunnels Of Doom - "real" pics :)

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Hi Ho,


found some nice pics, somehow fitting very nice into my imaginations,

my fantasy, in the 80´s, while playing all night long :)


Hope you like it, and you´re not getting frightend :)







UUUUuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhh :) So please come in !!









all credits for this great pics up to here go to my buddy Nic from "Die verlassenen Orte" (The Forsaken Places) thx a lot.

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Hey, I used to work in places like that when they were still operational. . .it is unfortunate that the lower level is flooded. That machine room looks suspiciously like either a set of generators or the blowers for the air filtration system to keep the air pure even in the event of chemical, biological, or nuclear attack.

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