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TI-99 - DOCs, Manuals, eBooks, Lost & Found

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Labels are actually a good thing. One thing I noticed on my copy of the Pre School Early Learning Fun cartridge was that there was a slight difference in the depth that the cartridge board sits in the cartridge case. The cartridge works perfectly in every 99/4 I've tried it in, but it sometimes fails to make good contact in a 99/4A, as the board is just a little bit too short for good contact.

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Here is the European  six language version of the manual for Number Magic, presented as TWO zip files due to size.
The clean hi res scans in TIF format are here at 600dpi.   Read, print, OCR or PDF as you wish!


My next post will be updated lists of manuals on line, then next up will be the UK only manual (light blue cover) for Pre School Early Learning Fun followed by the newer US "clown cover"  manual for Early Learning Fun..


Number_Magic_EU_Pt1.zip Number_Magic_EU_Pt2.zip

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Updated lists of manuals to be found online, both sorted alphabetically.
The PDF covers principal sources including atariage. Some manuals have been excluded where the quality is low, to avoid deterring anyone adding better quality scans. In most cases, only source name not specific links.


The text file only covers atariage, and includes links to the actual post- these have now been updated to be compatible with the new forum introduced in June 2019.


softwaremanualsamalgAug19.pdf omegalist.txt

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