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Just received my 7800 back from AV mod service. The services Jesse provides are nothing short of exceptional. He is on a customer service planet all to himself! Love the videos he records that demonstrate the work done and comparisons of video modes and what to look for. Very informative and a good way to learn a few things.


This is the second system he has done for me as I sent him my 5200 a few months back. After playing the 5200 post AV mod, I couldn't deal with the 7800's original RF signal any longer, so off it went to Jesse. Looking forward to playing these systems for years to come.


I hope to work with Jesse again in the future and highly recommended his services to anyone looking to improve their old consoles.

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I sent two of my Saturn power supply boards to Jesse for recapping.  He already had the cap kits ordered before I sent him the boards.  He had them both done within a few days of getting them and I had them back in my hand a week later.  His soldering job looks great and he even put the old caps in a sandwich baggie and included them in the return package.  I already put one of them back in my Saturn and it's running just fine without getting too hot or wavy lines going through the picture like it was before.  I'm super happy with the transaction and I would recommend his services to anyone who wants some work done on their hardware.

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Been meaning to do this for awhile.  I've been doing all of my mods with Crossbow for the last 2 years. Haven't even really considered anyone else after I liked the quality of the first mod he did for me, which was composite modding my Atari 7800 in summer of 2018 (IIRC).


But I've gone back to him (many) times since then. A list of what I can remember -


1. Atari 7800 composite mod

2. SNES jr LED addition 

3. Sega Master System FM mod

4. Sega Genesis model 1 recap

5. Colecovision composite mod

6. Atari 7800 - sent back for S-video mod that I stupidly didn't do the first time

7. 32x s-video mod/repair


And what I consider the coolest - I had Crossbow do something I've always wanted to see - a 'drill-less' Sega Master System s-video mod. 



..So when I had him do the FM mod originally, I said to remove the RF from the motherboard and put it in the channel switch. SO this time when I wanted to add S-video, I figured - let's put the s-video in the other RF port hole, and use the audio off the composite. Presto! Not aware of anyone else having done this before, but I love it and it looks fantastic.


Not only that, but he also pause modded this SMS and modded an aftermarket controller to work with it. So it's probably the most tricked out SMS in existence. 


So I cannot recommend him enough. His contact is excellent; some modders I dealt with in the last would go radio silence for long periods, but he does not, and tolerates my 50 questions ha. In the future I will probably have other things done (thinking about trying to do a pause controller mod on the 7800 with the same idea behind the SMS one) again with him.


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Just conducted a nice trade with Jesse, and now he's doing work on my consoles! Superb fellow with vast vintage console knowledge and a pleasure to converse with! I am sure many future dealings are to follow!

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