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Snowed in, bored with what I had so I did this

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First, I don't know if this would belong to dedicated systems or somewhere else but whatever moderator thinks is better.


A Simon clone, about 3 hours to solder and wire it up. No case yet and missing the sound though I didn't have a buzzer to steal but it works without the sound. LCD display the menu option for 1 or 2 players, speed, and limit to number of turns. I also need to do something about power source, a 5v 4A bench supply is not light and portable :P I'll probably get a 4 AA battery case and wire in a diode to drop from 6v to 5.3v for safe operation.

I got the instruction and code from http://www.instructables.com/id/Total-Recall-Arduino-Simon-Says-on-steroids/ I might try an empty Gameboy case for the board and LCD but I doubt the LCD fits and it's hard to find a smaller 16x2 display.

If anyone wants to do this but don't use Arduino IDE or have trouble compiling, here's a hex file for direct burning via AVR: https://www.dropbox.com/s/capg5z56x9aui6r/Total_Recall.cpp.hex?dl=0

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Very cool, and thanks for posting your source material. I've been really intrigued by Arduino as a platform for electronic games for a while now. Actually doing something with that intrigue requires this super rare substance though, time. :P

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Sweet, You might be on to something with the selectable difficulty levels


EDIT: I just remembered that the original Simon had difficulty settings as well, still really cool though

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