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10 Odyssey2 games and 4 400/800 cartridges

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These are all untested, because I don't own an Odyssey2 or an Atari computer. The labels are in great shape though. The hatches on the Odyssey2 games run from decent to a bit rusty and in need of a little tlc.




Speedway / Spinout! / Crypto-Logic! $3
Freedom Fighters! $2
UFO! $2
Volleyball! $2
Out of this World! / Helicopter Rescue! $3
Cosmic Conflict $2
Invaders From Hyperspace! $2
Baseball! $2
Armored Encounter! / Sub Chase! $3
Las Vegas Blackjack! $3
Atari 400/800
Mountain King SOLD
K-razy Antiks SOLD
Buyer pays actual shipping from USA. I'll add more as I go through it, I've had this stuff stored (properly) for a bit.
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If no one bites on the CIB odyssey games the 2600connection offers $1 per cart plus cost of shipping for the odyssey 2 carts to be put to use for their next homebrew release.

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PM sent to MausGames


Hook this man up with the carts. I might finally get my mean santa on the O2 this christmas!

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I was almost able to, but the post office was not cooperative. Still have them for sale, but very tempted to throw them away. Slightly frustrated...

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