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ti99sim Updates

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I thought I'd start a thread for updates to my emulator. I don't make updates often, so hopefully this will help people waiting for updates find them more easily.


Version 0.13.0 was just released:

  • Fix for bitmap display mode (now supports table masks for the pattern and color tables)
  • Fixed a display glitch when the foreground and background colors are both set to transparent.
  • Rewrote the disk parsing code and added read-only support for HxC floppy emulator images.
  • Fixed files system code that handles disks with allocation units (AUs) greater than 1 sector.
  • Increased the number of banks supported by the bank-swap logic to 256.
  • Update the convert-ctg utility to make it easy to create a cartridge using normal or inverted ordering for bank swapping.
  • Added a new flag to the disk utility to simply list files found without any other output (useful for scripting when piped into another command on POSIX systems)

There are binaries for Linux (32 and 64-bit versions) and Raspberry Pi on the website. I recently upgraded to the latest version of Visual Studio (finally supports all the c++11 features I've been playing around with) and should be able to compile on Windows again, so there should be a Windows version uploaded soon.


As usual, it's available at: http://www.mrousseau.org/programs/ti99sim

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Wow awesome update. Great job. I'll install the Linux binaries in Linux mint in the next day or so. Thanks for this. Much appreciated.

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